Polk, Hardee, Highlands, DeSoto Counties Public Safety

Site: Polk County Fire & EMS

Unique DB ID: 14049
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 27.9200 Longitude: -81.6500 Range: 38 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
505013baDA-1 DispatchFire Rescue Tone-OutsFire Dispatch
505113bbDA-2 DispatchFire Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
505213bcDTac 3Fire/CCFire to Comm CenterFire-Talk
505313bdDFS Tac 4Tactical-4Fire-Tac
505413beDFS Tac 5Tactical-5Fire-Tac
505513bfDFS Tac 6Tactical-6Fire-Tac
505613c0DFS Tac 7Tactical-7Fire-Tac
505713c1DFS Tac 8Tactical-8Fire-Tac
505813c2DFS Tac 9Tactical-9Fire-Tac
505913c3DFS Tac 10Tactical-10Fire-Tac
506013c4DFS Tac 11Tactical-11Fire-Tac
506113c5DFS Tac 12Tactical-12Fire-Tac
506213c6DFS Tac 13Tactical-13Fire-Tac
506313c7DFS Tac 14Tactical-14Fire-Tac
506413c8DPolk LZ 1Landing Zone Comms from Ground units to HelicopterFire-Tac
506513c9DPolk LZ 2Landing Zone Comms from Ground units to HelicopterEMS-Talk
508313dbDRed CrossRed CrossEmergency Ops
51561424DAEROMEDAEROMED (Polk Tower)EMS Dispatch
51581426DLife-Net 5Lifenet - Bayfront DispatchEMS Dispatch