United States Air Force (157)

Site: Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

Unique DB ID: 13441
County: El Paso

The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is located outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.7438 Longitude: -104.8459 Range: 15 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44000abe0DCAFS SF DispSecurity Forces DispatchLaw Dispatch
44001abe1DCAFS SF Tac1Security Forces Tac 1Law Tac
44003abe3DCAFS FD CmdFire CommandFire-Tac
44010abeaDCAFS FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
44011abebDCAFS FD Tac1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
44020abf4DCAFS MaintAlarm Maintenance/UtilitiesMilitary
44022abf6DCAFS SF Tac2Security Forces Tac 2Law Tac
44053ac15DCAFS EET NetExercise EvaluationMilitary
44060ac1cDCAFS Comm2Comm 2Military
44138ac6aDCAFS FD Tac2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac