STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois

Site: IDOT Statewide/Zonewide

Unique DB ID: 12600
County: Statewide

It appears that talkgroup 4499 might not be an IDOT talkgroup, but rather used by county and local agencies in central Illinois. (3/23)

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.8100 Longitude: -89.2450 Range: 202.247 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1413585DIDOT Z1 ZonewdZone 1 - Zonewide ("Extra 1")Public Works
44691175DIDOT Z1 BridgesBridge Construction Ops (Statewide)Public Works
44701176DIDOT SignShop ASign Shop APublic Works
44711177DIDOT SignShop BSign Shop BPublic Works
44721178DIDOT SignShop CSign Shop C (Spfld/Lincoln)Public Works
44731179DIDOT Air CAir CPublic Works
4474117aDIDOT Air BAir BPublic Works
4475117bDIDOT DayLaborCDay Labor CPublic Works
4476117cDIDOT Scales APortable Scales A (ISP 'HENRY' units)Law Tac
4477117dDIDOT Scales BPortable Scales B (ISP 'HENRY' units)Law Tac
44841184DIDOT Z2 ZonewdZone 2 - Zonewide ("Extra 2")Public Works
44851185DIDOT StatewideStatewidePublic Works
4492118cDIDOT DayLaborADay Labor A (aka Ch 33 or 3-3) Public Works
4493118dDIDOT Air AAir APublic Works
4494118eDIDOT Admin A S/WAdmin A StatewidePublic Works
4495118fDIDOT Admin S/WAdmin Statewide Station 1Public Works
44961190DIDOT Admin B S/WAdmin B StatewidePublic Works
44971191DIDOT Admin C S/WAdmin C StatewidePublic Works
44981192DIDOT Scales CPortable Scales C (ISP 'HENRY' units) Law Tac
44991193DIDOT 4499Operations* (see note above)Public Works
45001194DIDOT DayLaborBDay Labor BPublic Works
77851e69DIDOT Z3 ZonewdZone 3 - Zonewide ("Extra 3")Public Works