Four County Coastal Bend Interoperational System

Site: Nueces County: Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 117
County: Nueces

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 27.8000 Longitude: -97.4000 Range: 50 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
157612-050ANC Const Pct 1Constable Precinct 1 [Corpus Christi central area]Law Dispatch
157812-052ANC Const Pct 3Constable Precinct 3 [Southern Nueces County - Bishop area]Law Dispatch
158012-054ANC Const Pct 5Constable Precinct 5 [Central Nueces County - Robstown area]Law Dispatch
158212-056ANC Const Pct 4Constable Precinct 4 [Western Nueces County - Agua Dulce area]Law Dispatch
158312-057ANC Const Pct 2Constable Precinct 2 [South Padre Island Flour Bluff area]Law Dispatch
159212-070ANC Const P1 MobConstable Precinct 1 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
159412-072ANC Const P3 MobConstable Precinct 3 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
159612-074ANC Const P5 MobConstable Precinct 5 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
159712-075ANC Const P6 MobConstable Precinct 6 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
159812-076ANC Const P4 MobConstable Precinct 4 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
159912-077ANC Const P2 MobConstable Precinct 2 Car-to-CarLaw Talk
160812-090ANueces Co Mobil1County Mobile 1 (used by all LE, Co and City)Law Talk
160912-091DENueces Co Mobil2County Mobile 2 (used by all LE, Co and City)Law Talk
161012-092ANC Dist AttorneyDistrict AttorneyLaw Tac
161212-094ASite 2AUnidLaw Tac
164312-133ANC ProbationProbation Operations (Spotlite)Law Tac
166513-001ACCISD Police 1Corpus Christi Independent School District Police 1Law Dispatch
166613-002ACCISD Police 2Corpus Christi Independent School District Police 2Law Tac
166713-003ACCISD Police MobCorpus Christi Independent School District Police MobileLaw Talk
167013-006ADriscoll PD 1Driscoll Police 1Law Dispatch
167113-007ADriscoll PD 2Driscoll Police 2Law Tac
181914-033MNC Juvenile JETSpecial Services Juvenile ("JET")Law Tac