Overlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION)

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Unique DB ID: 10746
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

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DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DChes PD 1Chesapeake Police 1Interop
2002DChes PD 2Chesapeake Police 2Interop
3003DChes PD 3Chesapeake Police 3Interop
41029DChes FD 1Chesapeake Fire 1Interop
4202aDChes FD 2Chesapeake Fire 2Interop
4302bDChes FD 3Chesapeake Fire 3Interop
4402cDChes EMChesapeake Emergency ManagementInterop
2010c9DHamp PD 1Hampton Police 1Interop
2020caDHamp PD 2Hampton Police 2Interop
2030cbDHamp PD 3Hampton Police 3Interop
2410f1DHamp FD 1Hampton Fire 1Interop
2420f2DHamp FD 2Hampton Fire 2Interop
2430f3DHamp FD 3Hampton Fire 3Interop
2440f4DHamp EMHampton Emergency ManagementInterop
385181DChes SO 1Chesapeake Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
386182DChes SO 2Chesapeake Sheriff 2Law Tac
387183DChes SO 3Chesapeake Sheriff 3Law Tac
388184DChes ACChesapeake Animal ControlPublic Works
401191DNNPD 1Newport News Police 1Interop
402192DNNPD 2Newport News Police 2Interop
403193DNNPD 3Newport News Police 3Interop
4411b9DNNFD 1Newport News Fire 1Interop
4421baDNNFD 2Newport News Fire 2Interop
4431bbDNNFD 3Newport News Fire 3Interop
4441bcDNN EMNewport News Emergency ManagementInterop
601259DeORION NPD 1Norfolk Police 1Interop
60225aDeORION NPD 2Norfolk Police 2Interop
60325bDeORION NPD 3Norfolk Police 3Interop
60425cDENPD SIU 1Norfolk PD SIU 1Interop
60525dDENPD SIU 2Norfolk PD SIU 2Interop
60625eDENPD SIU 3Norfolk PD SIU 3Interop
641281DORION NFD 1Norfolk Fire 1Interop
642282DORION NFD 2Norfolk Fire 2Interop
643283DORION NFD 3Norfolk Fire 3Interop
644284DORION N EmrgNorfolk Emergency ManagementInterop
645285DNorf WaterProdNorfolk Water Production Lake Prince OpsPublic Works
801321DORION PPD 1Portsmouth Police 1Interop
802322DORION PPD 2Portsmouth Police 2Interop
803323DORION PPD 3Portsmouth Police 3Interop
841349DORION PFD 1Portsmouth Fire 1Interop
84234aDORION PFD 2Portsmouth Fire 2Interop
84334bDORION PFD 3Portsmouth Fire 3Interop
84434cDORION P EmrgPortsmouth EmergencyInterop
10013e9DSuff PD 1Suffolk Police 1Interop
10023eaDSuff PD 2Suffolk Police 2Interop
10033ebDSuff PD 3Suffolk Police 3Interop
1041411DSuff FD 1Suffolk Fire 1Interop
1042412DSuff FD 2Suffolk Fire 2Interop
1043413DSuff FD 3Suffolk Fire 3Interop
1044414DSuff EMSuffolk Emergency ManagementInterop
12014b1DVBPD PD 1Police 1Interop
12024b2DVBPD PD 2Police 2Interop
12034b3DVBPD PD 3Police 3Interop
12414d9DVBFD FD 1Fire 1Interop
12424daDVBFD FD 2Fire 2Interop
12434dbDVBFD FD 3Fire 3Interop
12444dcDVB Emrg MgmtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
12614edDVB E1E1Interop
12624eeDVB E2E2Interop
1288508DVB SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
1289509DVB SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
129050aDVB SO 3Sheriff 3Law Tac
1401579DORION IC 1Incident Command 1Interop
140257aDORION IC 2Incident Command 2Interop
140357bDORION IC 3Incident Command 3Interop
140457cDORION AD 1Administration 1Interop
140557dDORION AD 2Administration 2Interop
140657eDORION AD 3Administration 3Interop
140757fDORION Log 1Logistics Ops 1Interop
1408580DORION Log 2Logistics Ops 2Interop
1409581DORION Log 3Logistics Ops 3Interop
1410582DORION Ops 1Operations 1Interop
1411583DORION Ops 2Operations 2Interop
1412584DORION Ops 3Operations 3Interop
1413585DORION Ops 4Operations 4Interop
1414586DORION Ops 5Operations 5Interop
1415587DORION Ops 6Operations 6Interop
1416588DORION Ops 7Operations 7Interop
1417589DORION Ops 8Operations 8Interop
141858aDORION Ops 9Operations 9Interop
141958bDORION Ops 10Operations 10Interop
142058cDORION PL 1Planning 1Interop
142158dDORION PL 2Planning 2Interop
142258eDORION FN 1Finance 1Interop
142358fDORION FN 2Finance 2Interop
1424590DORION COV 1Commonwealth of Virginia 1 (inter-system patch)Interop
1425591DORION COV 2Commonwealth of Virginia 2 (inter-system patch)Interop
1426592DORION COV 3Commonwealth of Virginia 3 (inter-system patch)Interop
1427593DORION COV 4Commonwealth of Virginia 4 (inter-system patch) (Virginia Intl Term)Interop
1428594DORION COV 5Commonwealth of Virginia 5 (inter-system patch) (VDOT Smart Traffic)Interop
14505aaDORION TechsRadio TechsInterop
14515abDORION TechsRadio TechsInterop
14525acDNightingaleNightingale DispatchEMS Dispatch
128013201DORION TechsRadio Technicians/System TestingInterop