York County SC Public Safety

Site: York Co. Government

Unique DB ID: 10686
County: York

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.9850 Longitude: -81.1670 Range: 19 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49649c1f1DYC CoronerCoronerEMS-Tac
49680c210DYCPWMAINPublic Works MainPublic Works
49681c211DYC ANIMLAnimal Control DispatchPublic Works
49682c212DYC PRISNJail OperationsLaw Tac
49683c213DYC ROADSRoad Maintenance DeptPublic Works
49684c214DYC C & RSolid Waste Collection/RecyclingPublic Works
49685c215DYC DSPSLDisposalPublic Works
49686c216DYC WATERWater and Sewer DeptPublic Works
49687c217DYC PWSPVPublic Works Ch. 8Public Works
49688c218DYC PARKSEbenezer ParkLaw Tac
49689c219DYC ENGNREngineeringPublic Works
49690c21aDYC EQ MXEquipment MaintenancePublic Works
49691c21bDYC MISManagment Information SystemsPublic Works
49692c21cDYC PLANPlanning and DevelopmentPublic Works
49693c21dDYC BLDGBuilding and CodesPublic Works
49694c21eDYC GOVTGovernmentPublic Works
49695c21fDYC RADIORadioOther
49711c22fDPS TRNG 1Public Safety Training 1Multi-Talk
49712c230DPS TRNG 2Public Safety Training 2Multi-Talk
49713c231DPS TRNG 3Public Safety Training 3Multi-Talk
49714c232DPS TRNG 4Public Safety Training 4Multi-Talk
49715c233DPS TRNG 5Public Safety Training 5Multi-Talk
49716c234DPS TRNG 6Public Safety Training 6Multi-Talk
49717c235DPS TRNG 7Public Safety Training 7Multi-Talk
49751c257DOEM OPS1Emergency Management Ops 1Emergency Ops
49752c258DOEM OPS2Emergency Management Ops 2Emergency Ops
49753c259DOEM OPS3Emergency Management Ops 3Emergency Ops
49754c25aDOEM ADMNEmergency Management AdministrationOther
49755c25bDOEM CONFEmergency Management ConferenceMulti-Talk
50120c3c8DESERVICE1Radio Service 1Other
50121c3c9DESERVICE2Radio Service 2Other
50200c418DYC Gas DispNatural Gas DispatchPublic Works