Cobb Regional Radio System

Site: Cobb County - Marietta

Unique DB ID: 10371
County: Cobb

Marietta Fire is dispatched on the Cobb Fire channels (5# units)   See the WIKI to view the Marietta Fire stations.

The talkgroups below are always heard on the Cobb County Simulcast, but are sometimes encrypted.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.9526 Longitude: -84.5499 Range: 2 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302177609TMarietta FD PrivFire: PrivateFire-Talk
30220760cTMarietta FD AdmFire: AdminFire-Talk
3070177edTeMarietta PD Pat1Police: Patrol 1Law Dispatch
3070277eeTeMarietta PD Pat2Police: Patrol 2Law Tac
3070377efTeMarietta PD STEPPolice: STEP (Ch 3)Law Talk
3070477f0TeMarietta PD InvPolice: Investigations (Ch 7)Law Tac
3070577f1TeMarietta PD CIUPolice: Crime Interdiction Unit (CIU) (Ch 5)Law Tac
3070677f2TeMarietta PD C2CPolice: Car-to-Car (Ch 4}Law Tac
3070777f3TMarietta C/WideCitywide Multi-Tac
3071077f6TeMarietta PD AdmPolice: Administration (Ch 6)Law Talk
3071177f7TEMarietta PD SWATPolice: SWAT (Ch 8)Law Tac