Cobb Regional Radio System

Site: Cobb County - Police Department

Unique DB ID: 10363
County: Cobb

The talkgroups below are always heard on the Cobb County Simulcast, but are sometimes encrypted

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.9380 Longitude: -84.5740 Range: 14.14 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3040176c1TeCobb PD Pvt 1Precinct 1: PrivateLaw Tac
3040276c2TeCobb PD Pvt 2Precinct 2: PrivateLaw Tac
3040376c3TeCobb PD Pvt 3Precinct 3: PrivateLaw Tac
3040476c4TeCobb PD Pvt 4Precinct 4: PrivateLaw Tac
3040576c5DeCobb PD Pvt 5Precinct 5: PrivateLaw Tac
3040676c6DeCobb PD STEP PvtSTEP: PrivateLaw Talk
3040776c7TeCobb PD Ops 1Ops 1Law Tac
3040876c8TeCobb PD Ops 2Ops 2Law Tac
3040976c9TeCobb PD Pct 1Precinct 1: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3041076caTeCobb PD PersonsDetectives - PersonsLaw Tac
3041276ccTeCCPD ADMIN ###Administration ############# DELETE?Law Talk
3041576cfTECobb PD EOD unitExplosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) UnitLaw Tac
3041676d0TECobb PD SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Tac
3041776d1TECobb PD SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Tac
3041876d2TeCobb PD K-9 UnitK-9 UnitLaw Tac
3041976d3TeCobb PD Pct 2Precinct 2: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3042976ddTeCobb PD Pct 3Precinct 3: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3043976e7TeCobb PD Pct 4Precinct 4: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3044976f1TeCobb PD Pct 5Precinct 5: Dispatch (+Powder Springs)Law Dispatch
3045976fbTeCobb PD STEPSTEP: DispatchLaw Dispatch
304697705TeCobb PD EmergEmergency Alert ButtonLaw Dispatch