Portland Public Safety Radio System

Site: Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct

Unique DB ID: 1007
During non-peak periods, Central precinct includes all of the former Central Precinct area (800), plus that portion of Southeast (700) precinct from the Willamette River to 39th Avenue.

During peak periods, an 'overlay area' is created, utilizing the former SE Precinct talkgroup, and including the portion of new Central Precinct from the Willamette River to 39th Avenue, and the new East Precinct (900) between 39th and 82nd Avenues (generally the same area of the old SE Precinct).

Central and the overlay talkgroup (formerly SE Dispatch) are generally patched together during the hours of non-peak periods, so you may have to listen on 9459 or 7475 if your scanner cannot be set to ignore status bits.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 45.4484 Longitude: -122.5246 Range: 30 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72161c30APPB SE ADMINPPB Southeast Precinct AdministrationLaw Talk
74721d30APPB CE DPPPB Central Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
75041d50APPB CE ADMINPPB Central Precinct AdministrationLaw Talk
75361d70APPB CE T1Central Precinct Tac 1 (Alternate Dispatch)Law Tac
75681d90APPB CE T3Central Precinct Tac 3 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
76001db0APPB CE T2Central Precinct Tac 2 (Response Coordination)Law Tac
76321dd0APPB CE T4Central Precinct Tac 4 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
945624f0APPB SE DPSE Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
94882510APPB SE SUPVSE Precinct Supervisors/ManagersLaw Talk
95202530APPB SE T1SE Precinct Tac 1 (Alternate Dispatch)Law Tac
95522550APPB SE T3SE Precinct Tac 3 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
95842570APPB SE T2SE Precinct Tac 2 (Response Coordination)Law Tac
96162590APPB SE T4SE Precinct Tac 4 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac