Portland Public Safety Radio System

Site: Portland Police Bureau North Precinct

Unique DB ID: 1004
North Precinct is the combination of the former North (500) and Northeast (600) precincts.  Beat numbers remain generally unchanged.

10704 and 30576 are usually patched together, so if your scanner doesn't turn off status bits, you might have to listen on 10707 or 30579.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 45.4484 Longitude: -122.5246 Range: 30 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105442930APPB N ADMINNorth Precinct AdministrationLaw Talk
1070429d0APPB N DPNorth Precinct DispatchLaw Dispatch
108002a30APPB N T1North Precinct Tac 1 (Alternate Dispatch)Law Tac
108322a50APPB N T3North Precinct Tac 3 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
108642a70APPB N T2North Precinct Tac 2 (Response Coordination)Law Tac
108962a90APPB N T4North Precinct Tac 4 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
306087790APPB NE ADMINNortheast Precinct AdministrationLaw Talk
3064077b0APPB NE T1Northeast Precinct Tac 1 (Alternate Dispatch)Law Tac
3067277d0APPB NE T2Northeast Precinct Tac 2 (Response Coordination)Law Tac
3070477f0APPB NE T3Northeast Precinct Tac 3 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac
307367810APPB NE T4Northeast Precinct Tac 4 (Tactical/Undercover)Law Tac