Nevada Division of Forestry / Division of Forestry

Subcategory: NDF Air Frequencies

Unique DB ID: 9089

Subcategory Location Data

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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
168.650 NDF Air Disp Air Dispatch FM Fire Dispatch
170.225 NDF SF A/G 1 Sierra Front A-G Primary FM Fire-Tac
166.875 NDF SF A/G 2 Sierra Front A-G Secondary FM Fire-Tac
168.625 NDF A GUARD Air Guard FM Fire-Tac
123.975 CSQ NDF Mind ATB Minden Tanker Base AM Fire-Tac
120.975 CSQ NDF Frnt A/A Sierra Front A-A AM Fire-Tac
164.875 BM NDF ATOGP NDF/Sierra Front Air to Ground Primary FM Fire-Tac
166.6875 BM NDF ATOGS NDF/Sierra Front Air to Ground Secondary FM Fire-Tac