Door County / Door County

Subcategory: Door County

Unique DB ID: 8104

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 44.96666 Longitude: -87.20010 Range: 35 Type: Inherited


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.340KNIE410 RM 71.9 PL DRFIR Fire Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch
151.025KNIE410 RM 125 DPL DROPSSB Fire Ops Sturgeon Bay FMN Fire Dispatch
154.1525KNIE410 RM 226 DPL DROPSN Fire Ops North FMN Fire Dispatch
155.6325KNIE410 RM 306 DPL DROPSC Fire Ops Central FMN Fire Dispatch
156.2175KNIE410 RM 143 DPL DROPSS Fire Ops South FMN Fire Dispatch
152.0975 RM 88.5 PL DRPAGE Paging FMN Multi-Dispatch
155.775KNHF808 RM 74.4 PL DREMS County EMS FMN EMS Dispatch
155.340WNDF921 BM 123.0 PL DREMSB EMS to Door County Memorial Hospital FMN EMS-Tac
151.190WPMN661 RM 94.8 PL DRLAW Law Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
154.785KVW847 RM 051 DPL DRCOMSB Door Com Sturgeon Bay FMN Law Dispatch
154.875KVW847 RM 051 DPL DRCOMN Door Com North FMN Law Dispatch
155.520KVW847 RM 051 DPL DRCOMC Door Com Central FMN Law Dispatch
155.565KVW847 RM 051 DPL DRCOMS Door Com South FMN Law Dispatch
154.950KVW847 M 051 DPL DRSOTAC Sheriff Tactical FMN Law Tac
460.200KVW847 RM 118.8 PL DRJAIL Sheriff Jail Operations FMN Corrections
154.725KNHF808 RM 245 DPL DREMSS EMS South - Brussels FMN EMS Dispatch
155.055KNHF808 RM 245 DPL DREMSSB EMS Sturgeon Bay FMN EMS Dispatch
155.880KNHF808 RM 245 DPL DREMSN EMS North - Ellison Bay FMN EMS Dispatch
154.025WPNT389 RM 051 DPL DREM Emergency Management / Schools FMN Emergency Ops
155.085WPNT389 RM 506 DPL DRMAINT Building Maintenance/Emergency Management FMN Emergency Ops
156.180WNGA643 RM CC 7
TG *
SL 1
DRHWY Highways DMR Public Works
453.350WNDF921 RM 306 DPL DRHOSP Door County Memorial Hospital FMN Hospital
463.125WPXK234 RM 162.2 PL MED 6 Med unit patient reports to DCMC FMN EMS-Talk