Gloucester County / Schools and Universities

Subcategory: Delsea Regional School District (Franklinville)

Unique DB ID: 80230

District using non-standard DPL tones on certian channels (Marked as CSQ). These non-standard DPLs can not be programmed into current scanners. See Wiki page for full listing LINK

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.61720 Longitude: -75.08011 Range: 2.5 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
462.5625 M 255 DPL DRSD HS Ch-1 High School FMN Schools
462.5875 M 465 DPL DRSD MS Ch-2 Middle School FMN Schools
462.6125 M CSQ DRSD Ch-3 Secure Security FMN Security
462.6375 M CSQ DRSD Ch-4 Athl Athletics FMN Schools
462.6625 M CSQ DRSD Ch-5 Trans Transportation FMN Schools
462.6875 M CSQ DRSD Ch-6 Spare FMN Schools
462.7125 M CSQ DRSD Ch-7 Spare FMN Schools
462.575 M CSQ DRSD Ch-8 Spare FMN Schools
462.625 M CSQ DRSD Ch-9 Spare FMN Schools
462.550 M CSQ DRSD Ch-11 Spare FMN Schools
462.600 M 423 DPL DRSD Ch-12 Spare FMN Schools
462.650 M CSQ DRSD Ch-13 Spare FMN Schools
462.700 M CSQ DRSD Ch-14 Spare FMN Schools
462.750 M CSQ DRSD Ch-15 Spare FMN Schools