Oklahoma Railroads / BNSF Railway

Subcategory: Cherokee Subdivsion

Unique DB ID: 76529
MP 241 (Nichols/Springfield, MO) to MP 425 (Hall/Tulsa, OK)

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 36.50000 Longitude: -95.26000 Range: 45 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.920WPYT618 BM CSQ BNSF54 Cherokee Springfield to East Tulsa FMN Railroad
160.770KXX345 BM CSQ BNSF44 Cherokee East Tulsa to Hall FMN Railroad
161.100WQON691 BM CSQ BNSF66 CherokeYd Cherokee Yard FMN Railroad
161.250WQON691 BM CSQ BNSF76 Yard Cars Cherokee Yard - Car Department FMN Railroad
160.725WPNR341 BM CSQ BNSF41 Yard Engn Cherokee Yard - Engine Service Area FMN Railroad
160.500WQOJ272 RM CSQ BNSF26 Yd Hump1 Cherokee Yard - Hump 1 FMN Railroad
160.830WQOJ272 RM CSQ BNSF48 Yd Hump2 Cherokee Yard - Hump 2 FMN Railroad
161.100WQOL240 BM CSQ BNSF66 Yd Trim 1 Cherokee Yard - Trimmer 1 FMN Railroad
160.860WQOL240 BM CSQ BNSF50 Yd Trim 2 Cherokee Yard - Trimmer 2 FMN Railroad
160.950KUI626 BM CSQ BNSF56 Yd Trim 3 Cherokee Yard - Trimmer 3 FMN Railroad
160.980WQOL240 BM CSQ BNSF58 Yd Trim 4 Cherokee Yard - Trimmer 4 FMN Railroad
161.130KKL599 RM CSQ BNSF68 Tulsa PBX Cherokee Yard - Mobile Phone FMN Railroad