Oklahoma Railroads / BNSF Railway

Subcategory: Red Rock Subdivision

Unique DB ID: 76522

This is the main north/south route through Oklahoma and runs alongside I-35 from Kansas to Texas.

MP 263 (Arkansas City, KS) to MP 411 (Gainesville, TX) - Note ending milepost is approximately 423 but 411 is designated for Gainesville. Duplicate mileposts exist on this subdivision

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 35.41000 Longitude: -97.40000 Range: 110 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.560WQDK401 BM CSQ BNSF30 Red Rock Arkansas City, KS to Purcell FMN Railroad
161.385WQDK401 BM CSQ BNSF85 Red Rock Purcell to Gainesville, TX FMN Railroad
160.785WQOG246 BM CSQ BNSF OKC NorthYd Oklahoma City North Yard FMN Railroad
161.280WQOG246 BM CSQ BNSF78 OKC Crews OKC Crew Vans FMN Railroad
160.440KNAD838 BM CSQ BNSF22 Flyn Mech Flynn Yard Mechanical FMN Railroad
160.800 M CSQ BNSF48 Flyn Mech Flynn Yard Mechanic FMN Railroad
161.085KNAD838 BM CSQ BNSF65 Flyn Hump Flynn Yard Hump 2 FMN Railroad
161.175WNUF256 BM CSQ BNSF71 FlynnYard Flynn Yard FMN Railroad
161.370WXB857 BM CSQ BNSF84 OKC GM1 Oklahoma City GM Yard 1 FMN Railroad
161.415WXB857 BM CSQ BNSF87 OKC GM2 Oklahoma City GM Yard 2 FMN Railroad
161.505WXB857 BM CSQ BNSF93 OKC GM3 Oklahoma City GM Yard 3 FMN Railroad