Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) / State Radio Systems

Subcategory: California Law Enforcement Radio System (CLERS)

Unique DB ID: 72075

CLERS is the law enforcement community’s mutual aid coordination radio network. It supports dispatcher-to-dispatcher communications at any level (City to Operational Area to Region to State) and is not intended to be used by field units.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 37.09024 Longitude: -119.61914 Range: 400 Type: Inherited


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.79000KYD956 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 1 Santiago Peak FMN Interop
158.79000KYD954 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 1 Cactus City FMN Interop
155.07000KMH624 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 2 Wolf Mountain FMN Interop
155.07000WNNF220 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 2 Blue Ridge FMN Interop
154.71000KYD955 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 3 Brockway Summit FMN Interop
154.71000KYE982 RM 123.0 PL CLERS 3 Mt Diablo FMN Interop
154.71000WNJP926 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 3 Joaquin Ridge FMN Interop
155.91000WNDC546 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 4 Government Peak FMN Interop
155.70000KWE697 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 5 Shaffer Mountain FMN Interop
155.70000KYD957 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 5 Horse Mountain FMN Interop
155.70000WQY334 RM 123.0 PL CLERS 5 Mt Hamaker, Oregon FMN Interop
155.70000KCW711 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 5 Antelope Peak FMN Interop
155.70000KWE698 RM 136.5 PL CLERS 5 Likely Mountain FMN Interop
155.70000KWE696 RM 146.2 PL CLERS 5 Hoadley Peak FMN Interop
453.67500KYD964 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 6 Cuyamaca Peak FMN Interop
453.67500KYD967 RM 123.0 PL CLERS 6 Mt Lowe FMN Interop
453.67500KIB530 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 6 Red Mountain FMN Interop
453.67500KYD962 RM 136.5 PL CLERS 6 Mt Bullion FMN Interop
453.87500KYD966 RM 110.9 PL CLERS 7 Bloomer Hill FMN Interop
453.87500KYD961 RM 123.0 PL CLERS 7 Fremont Peak FMN Interop
453.87500KYD965 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 7 Mt Tamalpais FMN Interop
453.87500KYD963 RM 136.5 PL CLERS 7 Telegraph Hill FMN Interop
453.82500WQCT676 RM 131.8 PL CLERS 8 Laughlin Ridge FMN Interop