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Subcategory: Lifestar (Metro Chicago)

Unique DB ID: 68117
In addition to the A Beep talkgroup listed for them, they also used the Air Methods repeater in Bradley, which they refer to as the "Bradley" channel.  If you are not able to hear that repeater (461.525, 131.8 PL), you can often hear the helo on the 466.525 repeater input frequency when they're flying.
A-Beep Chicago-area LTR
LTR Standard
Lockport Site (9), talkgroup 0-08-010. Lifestar refers to this as the "Joliet" channel. If you are unable to hear this system, the helo can often be heard on the input (469.300) to their home channel repeater when they're flying.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.75600 Longitude: -87.78100 Range: 31.37 Type: Defined Coverage


No Frequencies Available for this Subcategory.