California Highway Patrol (CHP) / Statewide

Subcategory: 700 MHz Base Frequencies

Unique DB ID: 67797

For reference only. Please submit local usage and NACs to the database.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 37.02010 Longitude: -119.92676 Range: 425 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
773.33125WPTZ774 RM 7D3 NAC 7CHP 01 Channel 1 P25 Law Talk
774.08125WPTZ774 RM 7D4 NAC 7CHP 02 Channel 2 P25 Law Talk
774.78125WPTZ774 RM 7D5 NAC 7CHP 03 Channel 3 P25 Law Talk
773.08125WPTZ774 RM 7D6 NAC 7CHP 04 Channel 4 P25 Law Talk
773.29375WPTZ774 RM 7D7 NAC 7CHP 05 Channel 5 P25 Law Talk
773.55625WPTZ774 RM 7D8 NAC 7CHP 06 Channel 6 P25 Law Talk
773.58125WPTZ774 RM 7D9 NAC 7CHP 07 Channel 7 P25 Law Talk
773.78125WPTZ774 RM 7DA NAC 7CHP 08 Channel 8 P25 Law Talk
773.80625WPTZ774 RM 7DB NAC 7CHP 09 Channel 9 P25 Law Talk
773.83125WPTZ774 RM 7DC NAC 7CHP 10 Channel 10 P25 Law Talk
774.05625WPTZ774 RM 7DD NAC 7CHP 11 Channel 11 P25 Law Talk
774.30625WPTZ774 RM 7DE NAC 7CHP 12 Channel 12 P25 Law Talk
773.53125WPTZ774 RM 7D1 NAC 7CHP T1 Tactical 1 P25 Law Talk
774.83125WPTZ774 RM 7D2 NAC 7CHP T2 Tactical 2 P25 Law Talk
774.83125WPTZ774 RM 7D8 NAC 7CHP MTT Mobile Temp Tactical P25 Law Talk
774.80625WPTZ774 RM 7E0 NAC 7CHP MC3 Mobile Consolidated Command Center P25 Law Talk
770.19375WPTZ774 RM 7CHP AIR/IF Air Ops / Inspection Facilities P25 Law Talk