California Highway Patrol (CHP) / Statewide

Subcategory: 700 MHz Vehicular Repeater System

Unique DB ID: 67796

For reference only. For local area assignments, refer to the division listings.

Newer vehicles are equipped with the EV-20 extenders, which use NAC EE6.

Older vehicles are equipped with the Consolidated Patrol Vehicle Environment (CPVE) extenders, which use the NAC listed below.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 37.02010 Longitude: -119.92676 Range: 425 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
769.16875WPTZ774 RM DAD NAC CHP VRS 01 VRS Ch 1 P25 Law Talk
769.18125WPTZ774 RM DAE NAC CHP VRS 02 VRS Ch 2 P25 Law Talk
769.19375WPTZ774 RM DAF NAC CHP VRS 03 VRS Ch 3 P25 Law Talk
769.21875WPTZ774 RM DB0 NAC CHP VRS 04 VRS Ch 4 P25 Law Talk
769.41875WPTZ774 RM DB1 NAC CHP VRS 05 VRS Ch 5 P25 Law Talk
769.43125WPTZ774 RM DB2 NAC CHP VRS 06 VRS Ch 6 P25 Law Talk
769.44375WPTZ774 RM DB3 NAC CHP VRS 07 VRS Ch 7 P25 Law Talk
769.46875WPTZ774 RM DB4 NAC CHP VRS 08 VRS Ch 8 P25 Law Talk
769.66875WPTZ774 RM DB5 NAC CHP VRS 09 VRS Ch 9 P25 Law Talk
769.68125WPTZ774 RM DB6 NAC CHP VRS 10 VRS Ch 10 P25 Law Talk
769.69375WPTZ774 RM DB7 NAC CHP VRS 11 VRS Ch 11 P25 Law Talk
769.71875WPTZ774 RM DB8 NAC CHP VRS 12 VRS Ch 12 P25 Law Talk
769.91875WPTZ774 RM DB9 NAC CHP VRS 13 VRS Ch 13 P25 Law Talk
769.93125WPTZ774 RM DBA NAC CHP VRS 14 VRS Ch 14 P25 Law Talk
769.94375WPTZ774 RM DBB NAC CHP VRS 15 VRS Ch 15 P25 Law Talk
769.96875WPTZ774 RM DBC NAC CHP VRS 16 VRS Ch 16 P25 Law Talk
774.53125WPTZ774 B 296 NAC PYRAMID VRS B Motorcycles / Admin Cars - Extender Tx P25 Law Talk
774.53125WPTZ774 M 303 NAC PYRAMID VRS M Motorcycles / Admin Cars - Portable Tx P25 Law Talk