Knox County / Amateur Radio

Subcategory: 70cm Repeaters

Unique DB ID: 67573

 VolNet info and talkgroups

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 35.96064 Longitude: -83.92074 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
442.500447.500 W4KEV RM CSQ 100.0 PL W4KEV W4KEV Knoxville (Linked to Statewide Emergency Net MTEARS) FM Ham
443.025448.025 N4UAG RM CSQ N4UAG Knoxville FM Ham
443.075448.075 KA4AZQ RM 100.0 PL KA4AZQ Knoxville FM Ham
443.500448.500 KD4CWB RM 100.0 PL KD4CWB Knoxville FM Ham
443.800448.800 KD4CWB RM 100.0 PL KD4CWB Knoxville FM Ham
444.000449.000 KD4CWB RM 100.0 PL KD4CWB Knoxville FM Ham
444.175449.175 KB4REC RM BeaverRidgVN Beaver Ridge (Volnet) CC 1 DMR Ham
444.225449.225 W4NCS RM 100.0 PL W4NCS Knoxville FM Ham
444.300449.300 WB4GBI RM CSQ WB4GBI Knoxville FM Ham
444.325449.325 N4KFI RM CSQ N4KFI Knoxville FM Ham
444.425449.425 KC4NNN RM CSQ KC4NNN Knoxville FM Ham
444.525449.525 KB4REC RM 123.0 PL KB4REC Knoxville (linked to 52.470) FM Ham
444.575449.575 W4BBB RM 100.0 PL W4BBB Knoxville FM Ham
444.925449.925 KD4TZT RM CSQ KD4TZT Knoxville FM Ham