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Subcategory: University of Pittsburgh

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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
453.150WNIG692 RM 103.5 PL U of Pitt PD Police Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
453.800WNIG692 RM 103.5 PL UPitt Parking Parking Ops FMN Business
460.3625WNIG692 RM 103.5 PL U of Pitt PD Police Secondary FMN Law Tac
461.500 RM 156.7 PL UPitt Trans University Transportation Services FMN Transportation
464.125WQQG795 RM 186.2 PL UPitt Maint Maintenance FMN Business
464.7375 RM 2 RAN UPitt Receiving Central Receiving NXDN Business
470.5375WQMM806 RM 110.9 PL UPit MaintHouse Maintenance (Housing) FMN Business