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Subcategory: Manufacturing

Unique DB ID: 61645

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 40.06967 Longitude: -76.22864 Range: 30.72 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
462.225WPRJ949 RM 162 DPL RR Donnelley R R Donnelley and Sons FM Business
151.520KB94553 RM 532 DPL DART Prod DART Production Ops FM Business
151.790WPML880 RM RR Donnelley R R Donnelley and Sons FM Business
151.850WPML880 RM RR Donnelley R R Donnelley and Sons FM Business
152.345KB94553 RM DART Bldg 4 DART Building 4 FM Business
152.450WPJJ820 RM Kunzler Kunzler FM Business
152.450KB94553 RM 565 DPL DART 13/14 DART Building 13/14 FM Business
152.465KB94553 RM 123.0 PL DART Maint DART Maintenance FMN Business
153.095KB94553 RM 71.9 PL DART Shippng DART Shipping/Yard jockeys FM Business
153.235 RM DART 1st Res DART 1st Responders FM Business
452.400WPMX275 RM 464 DPL Armstrong Ops Armstrong Flooring - Operations (Lancaster City) FM Business
461.7875WNSC972 RM 703 DPL J&J Yard Johnson & Johnson - Yard Jockeys FM Business
462.200WNSC972 RM J&J Projects Johnson & Johnson - Open/Projects FM Business
462.250WNSC972 RM J&J Maint Johnson & Johnson - Maintenance FM Business
462.375WNSC972 RM 754 DPL J&J Weights Johnson & Johnson - Weights FM Business
462.450WNSC972 RM 364 DPL J&J Tubes Johnson & Johnson - Tubes/Blisters FM Business
462.500WNSC972 RM J&J Security Johnson & Johnson - Security FM Business
462.525WNSC972 RM J&J MW2000 Johnson & Johnson - MW2000 packing FM Business
464.7875WNSC972 RM J&J Bottling Johnson & Johnson - Bottling FM Business
464.975WPRL575 RM Kellogs Kellogs FM Business