Huron County / Huron County

Subcategory: South Huron

Unique DB ID: 51566

Includes: Centralia,Dashwood,Exeter,Huron Park, Mount Carmel

Dashwood Station 14 ; Exeter Station 15 ; Huron Park Station 16

As of summer 2013 South Huron Fire have switched to an IPSite Connect MotoTRBO digital system.  Exeter Public Works are now using a single site MotoTRBO system.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 43.60426 Longitude: -81.41968 Range: 39.85 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.355XJI900 RM SHFD-EXTR Fire - Exeter Site DMR Fire-Talk
152.540XJI900 BM SHFD-RUSL Fire - Russeldale Site DMR Fire-Tac
152.555XJI900 BM SHFD-DASH Fire - Dashwood Site DMR Fire-Tac
173.685Multiple RM CC 7
TG 1
SL 1
Municipal Rd Municipal Roads Department DMR Public Works