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Subcategory: BNSF MRAS Frequencies

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These are the phone patch frequencies in use on the BNSF Railway.  This is still in use from the Burlington Northern Railroad.  It is called MRAS or Mobile Radio Access System.  The system is used by Maintenance of Way personnel to obtain main track authority and by train crews to contact dispatchers, supervisors, and others if needed.  The former ATSF also had a system which is still in use.  It is called the PBX System.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 46.44000 Longitude: -94.00000 Range: 240 Type: Inherited


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.260 BM CSQ MRAS BROWN MRAS - Channel 10 (AAR 78-10) FMN Railroad
160.425 BM CSQ MRAS WHITE MRAS - Channel 8 (AAR 55-21) FMN Railroad
160.590 BM CSQ MRAS PURPLE MRAS - Channel 9 (AAR 90-32) FMN Railroad
160.620 BM CSQ MRAS BLUE MRAS - Channel 4 (AAR 97-34) FMN Railroad
160.665 BM CSQ MRAS RED MRAS - Channel 3 (AAR 93-37) FMN Railroad
160.995 BM CSQ MRAS BLUE MRAS - Local Channel (AAR 07-59) FMN Railroad
161.130 BM CSQ MRAS GREEN MRAS - Channel 5 (AAR 29-68) FMN Railroad
161.310 BM CSQ MRAS ORANGE MRAS - Channel 6 (AAR 12-80) FMN Railroad
161.490 BM CSQ MRAS YELLOW MRAS - Channel 7 (AAR 09-92) FMN Railroad