Wyoming Federal / Forest Service

Subcategory: Shoshone National Forest

Unique DB ID: 51280

Shoshone National Forest is located in northwestern Wyoming east of the continental divide in Park, Fremont, and Hot Springs Counties. It is divded into three zone: North Zone (NZ), Wind River (WR) and Washakie (WK). North Zone repeaters are located at: Cody, Wood Ridge, Clayton, Meadow Lake, Dead Indian, Carter Mountain, Sunlight and Beartooth. Wind River repeaters are located at: Dubois, Lava Mountain, Windy Ridge, Indian Ridge, and Black Mountain. Washakie repeaters are located at: Lander, South Pass, Cyclone Pass, Blue Ridge and Black Mountain. Multiple PL tones are used for input but not output, therefore only the one common freq for each zone is listed CSQ

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 43.80000 Longitude: -109.70000 Range: 75 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
170.500 RM CSQ SNF North Zone North Zone FMN Federal
172.325 RM CSQ SNF Washakie Washakie Zone FMN Federal
172.375 RM CSQ SNF Wind River Wind River Zone FMN Federal
168.6125 BM SNF Work 1 Work 1 FMN Federal
168.675 BM SNF Fire Tac 2 Fire Tac 2 FMN Federal
168.750 BM SNF Fire Tac 1 Fire Tac 1 FMN Federal