Communications Service / Communications Service

Subcategory: Houston 2-Way Radio

Unique DB ID: 49244

These 16-channel rental radios are commonly used at a variety of special events around Houston and have been used in the past for events such as Freedom over Texas and the International Festival.  Some of these channels have also been programmed as simplex alternate channels along with talkgroups on the LTR system for special events such as the Houston Marathon.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 29.76328 Longitude: -95.36327 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
461.0375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2W Rental 1 Rental Radios Ch. 1 FMN Business
466.0375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2W Rental 2 Rental Radios Ch. 2 FMN Business
464.0375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2W Rental 3 Rental Radios Ch. 3 FMN Business
469.0375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2W Rental 4 Rental Radios Ch. 4 FMN Business
461.4375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2W Rental 5 Rental Radios Ch. 5 FMN Business
466.4375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2W Rental 6 Rental Radios Ch. 6 FMN Business
463.4375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2W Rental 7 Rental Radios Ch. 7 FMN Business
461.9125WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2W Rental 8 Rental Radios Ch. 8 FMN Business
466.9125WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2W Rental 9 Rental Radios Ch. 9 FMN Business
463.3625WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2WRental 10 Rental Radios Ch. 10 FMN Business
468.3625WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2WRental 11 Rental Radios Ch. 11 FMN Business
463.9375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2WRental 12 Rental Radios Ch. 12 FMN Business
468.9375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2WRental 13 Rental Radios Ch. 13 FMN Business
464.2375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2WRental 14 Rental Radios Ch. 14 FMN Business
469.2375WPXA360 M 023 DPL H2WRental 15 Rental Radios Ch. 15 FMN Business
468.4375WPXA360 M 026 DPL H2WRental 16 Rental Radios Ch. 16 FMN Business