Tippecanoe County / Schools

Subcategory: Tippecanoe County Schools

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Tippecanoe County (P25)
Project 25 Phase I
New P-25 system to be utilized by Lafayette School Corporation, West Lafayette School Corporation, and Tippecanoe County School Corporation

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 40.41726 Longitude: -86.89057 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.515WNSL991 M EDU-LJHS Lafayette Jefferson High School FMN Schools
451.225WPLV659 M EDU-HERSHEY Hershey Elementary FMN Schools
451.325WPOY381 M EDU-MIAMI Miami Public Schools FMN Schools
451.475WPMG357 M EDU-EARHART Amelia Earhart Elementary FMN Schools
451.550WPKZ290 RM 023 DPL EDU-MCCUTCH McCutcheon High School FMN Schools
451.9625WQJV558 RM EDU-BGMS Battleground Middle School DMR Schools
452.225WPLY838 M EDU-GLENACRE Glen Acres FMN Schools
452.325WPME277 M EDU-EDGELEA Edgelea Elementary FMN Schools
452.400WPMZ700 M EDU-SUNNY Sunnyside Middle School FMN Schools
460.650WPHJ966 RM LafaySchool1 Lafayette School Corporation FMN Schools
460.800WPIW769 M 365 DPL EDU-VINTON Vinton Elementary FMN Schools
462.225WPQC631 M Linnwd Elem Linnwood Elementary FMN Schools
462.500WPTN421 RM Tippec Schoo Tippecanoe School Corporation FMN Schools
463.550WNLF870 RM 315 DPL LafaySchool2 Lafayette School Corporation FMN Schools
463.5625WQJV344 RM BtlfldSchool Battleground Elementary School DMR Schools
464.950WPLG843 M LafaySchool3 Lafayette School Corporation FMN Schools
469.000WPRX214 M WnwrtMidSch Wainwright Middle School FMN Schools