Camden County / Camden County

Subcategory: Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 45952

 Zone X is used to link the trunked radios systems of Camden City, Cherry Hill Twp., and the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) for countywide inter-agency operations.

Camden County Public Safety
Project 25 Phase II
Primary communications system for all Police, Fire, EMS, and other county agencies.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.81000 Longitude: -74.97200 Range: 14 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
507.1125WIK700 RM 192.8 PL Zone 1 Zone 1 FMN Law Dispatch
507.5125WIK701 RM 192.8 PL Zone 2 Zone 2 FMN Law Dispatch
507.1625WIK699 RM 192.8 PL Zone 3 Zone 3 FMN Law Dispatch
507.5625WIK857 RM 192.8 PL Zone 4 Zone 4 FMN Law Dispatch
507.7125WII555 RM 192.8 PL Zone 5 Zone 5 FMN Law Dispatch
508.0125WII555 RM 192.8 PL Auxiliary 1 Car-to-Car (Zone 1, 2, 5) FMN Law Tac
507.9125WIK697 RM 192.8 PL Auxiliary 3 Car-to-Car (Zone 3) FMN Law Tac
508.8875WIK280 RM 192.8 PL Auxiliary 4 Car-to-Car (Zone 4) FMN Law Tac
508.7875WII555 RM 192.8 PL Countywide Countywide FMN Law Tac
501.1375WIE946 RM 127.3 PL Prosecutor S Prosecutor South FMN Law Tac
507.6625WII555 RM 192.8 PL Tactical 1 Tactical Operations 1 FMN Law Tac
507.7625WQJW310 RM 192.8 PL Tactical 2 Tactical Operations 2 FMN Law Tac
507.9375WIK698 RM 127.3 PL Narcotics Narcotics Tactical Operations FMN Law Tac
507.7875WII555 RM 192.8 PL Zone X Countywide 800MHz TRS Link FMN Law Tac
507.2125WII555 RM 114.8 PL DPS 1 Department of Public Safety - Fieldcom 1 FMN Law Tac
460.425WQEG541 RM 192.8 PL DPS 2 Department of Public Safety - Fieldcom 2 FMN Law Tac
460.6125WQKF642 RM 192.8 PL DPS 3 Department of Public Safety - Fieldcom 3 FMN Law Tac
454.200 RM 146.2 PL DPS 4 Department of Public Safety - Fieldcom 4 FMN Law Tac