Cook County / Municipalities and Districts

Subcategory: Tinley Park

Unique DB ID: 35793

Fire (46s-49s, 4600s?) dispatched on 151.415, 343 DPL by Tinley Park Police and also uses 154.355 343 DPL (MABAS Division 24 secondary).

STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois
Project 25 Phase II
Police (units ???) are dispatched on talkgroup 25312 (encrypted) by Cook County Sheriff .

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.57337 Longitude: -87.78449 Range: 2 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.2275KSI906 RM 293 NAC TnPk Police D BU Police: Backup to S21 (Mixed Mode) P25 Law Tac
151.2275KSI906 RM 331 DPL TnPk Police A BU Police: Backup to S21 (Mixed Mode) FMN Law Tac
151.3025WQSF534 RM 331 DPL TnPk PD Band 2 Police: Tinley Park Public Safety FMN Law Tac
453.1625WQSF534 RM TnPk Police UHF Police FMN Deprecated
151.415KCJ826 RM 343 DPL Tinley Park Fire Fire: Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch
155.820KWO839 BM 107.2 PL TnPk PublicWorks Public Works FMN Public Works
152.270WRAL376 RM 516 DPL TinleyPark Parks Park District: Ops FMN Public Works
153.770WQSF534 RM 156.7 PL TnPk Parks Tac Park District: Tac FMN Public Works
151.280KNGG778 BM TnPk Parks Ops Park District Ops FMN Deprecated