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Subcategory: SeatGeek Stadium (Bridgeview)

Unique DB ID: 34285

* See wiki page for much more information
* Formerly Toyota Park

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.76500 Longitude: -87.80500 Range: 0.2 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
465.525 M 179.9 PL 465.525 PD Law Enforcement of unauthorized vendors FMN Law Tac
468.4375 M 351 DPL SGS Sec/GSrvc Guest Services / Security FMN Security
470.525WQEK713 RM 311 DPL Brdgv PDTrfc {Link to} Bridgeview, Village of (Police: Traffic) FMN Law Dispatch
466.3625 M 343 DPL SGS Parking Parking FMN Business
468.5375 M SGS PrkLotAtt Parking Lot Attendants FMN Business
463.9875WQJW407 M 311 DPL SGS Ops A Operations FMN Business
464.500 M 311 DPL SGS Ops B Operations FMN Business
466.450WPGP543 M 88.5 PL SGS Ops C Operations FMN Business
468.450 M 88.5 PL SGS Ops D Operations FMN Business
470.6375 M SGS Ops E Operations FMN Business
467.850 M 127.3 PL SGS Ops F Operations FMN Business
468.550WPUI260 M 031 DPL SGS Ops G Operations FMN Business
154.570 M 74.4 PL SGS Food Vndr Food Vendors Ops FMN Business
468.6875 M SGS Food Srvc Food Services FMN Business
469.9125WQOK240 M SGS EMS EMS (unk DPL) FMN EMS Dispatch
468.8375WPGP543 M 205 DPL SGS Sound 1 Sound Engineers FMN Business
467.8125 M 411 DPL SGS Sound 2 Sound Engineers FMN Business
469.3625 M 072 DPL SGS Electricn House Electricians (almost 100% Spanish) FMN Business
461.3875WPCH518 RM 311 DPL SGS 461.3875 Security (Monterey Security) FMN Security
467.8125 M 311 DPL SGS Ops Maint General Ops / Maintenance FMN Business
468.3625WPBS277 M 411 DPL SGS Hospitlty Hospitality FMN Business