Cook County / EMS Agencies

Subcategory: Lifestar Air Ambulance (Joliet)

Unique DB ID: 33769

*WQNX343 - Air Methods Corporation has a 461.525 repeater (131.8 PL) in Bradley (Kankakee County) for use by Lifestar when they fly south and east out of range of their home talkgroup below.

A-Beep Chicago-area LTR
LTR Standard
Site 9 (Lockport), TG 0-08-010, listen to 469.300 for helo side of comms if unable to hear site.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.81227 Longitude: -87.84668 Range: 40 Type: Defined Coverage


No Frequencies Available for this Subcategory.