Jackson County / Municipalities and Districts

Subcategory: Carbondale

Unique DB ID: 32587

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 37.72727 Longitude: -89.21675 Range: 2 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.1825WQQI205 RM 293 NAC|TG 1 CarbndalePolice Police: Dispatch P25E Law Dispatch
151.3025WQQI205 RM Carbondale PD 2 Police P25E Law Tac
154.755KNCH589 RM 131.8 PL Carb Police Old Police: Back-Up to P25 [Ch 1] FMN Law Dispatch
151.100WQLD873 RM Carbndl EMA Emergency Management FMN Emergency Ops
155.880KNAK200 BM Carb EMA PAS EMA: Public Alert System (CSQ Carrier) FMN Emergency Ops
154.205WPGA476 RM 423 DPL Carb Fire D1 Fire: Dispatch - City / Township [Ch 1] FMN Fire Dispatch
154.025KFK687 RM 131.8 PL Carb PubWrks Public Works FMN Public Works
154.980WPKP511 BM Carb Local Local Government FMN Public Works
155.520WPML552 BM Carb PublicWorks Public Works Department FMN Public Works
156.1425WQJE524 RM Carb BldngZoning Building and Zoning FMN Public Works
158.130WQGB562 M Carb WDD Wastewater Treatment Data Telm Data
158.835KVJ696 BM Carb Sr Shuttle Senior Citizens Shuttle FMN Transportation