Boulder County / Boulder (County)

Subcategory: Sheriff

Unique DB ID: 31408

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 40.08227 Longitude: -105.37811 Range: 21.27 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.85000KJK681 RM 162.2 PL BCSO North Dispatch - North FMN Law Dispatch
155.14500KJK681 RM 179.9 PL BCSO Central Dispatch - Central FMN Law Dispatch
159.27000KJK681 RM 136.5 PL BCSO South Dispatch - South FMN Law Dispatch
155.41500KJK681 BM 173.8 PL BCSO Records Records FMN Law Talk
155.05500KJK681 BM 151.4 PL BCSO SWAT SWAT FMN Law Tac
155.80500WPYR312 BM 146.2 PL BCSO LTAC 1 Tac 1 FMN Law Tac
155.64000WQZY310 M 146.2 PL BCSO LTAC 2 Tac 2 FMN Law Tac
155.92500WPYR312 RM 123.0 PL BCSO Law 2 Law 2 FMN Law Tac
155.65500WXR229 RM 179.9 PL BCSO Law 3 Law 3 FMN Law Tac
154.80000WQCM836 BM 151.4 PL BCSO Jail Jail - Work Crew FMN Corrections
154.84500WQCM836 RM 114.8 PL BCSO Jail Jail - VHF FMN Corrections
155.35500WQVN597 BM 118.8 PL BCSO Jail Jail - Booking FMN Corrections
155.85000WPXC395 BM 114.8 PL BCSO Juv Det Juvenile Detention FMN Corrections
465.31250KB48029 M 103.5 PL BCSO Jail-U Jail - UHF FMN Corrections
158.77500WPYR312 BM BouldrCoPage County and City Pagers Telm Data
158.80500WPXC395 BM 151.4 PL BCSO Blue NW Law Enforcement Mutual Aid - Linked to DTRS FMN Law Dispatch