Cook County / Consolidated Dispatch Centers

Subcategory: NORCOMM Public Safety Communications / MABAS Division 20 (Franklin Park)

Unique DB ID: 28868

NORCOMM Public Safety Communications is owned and operated by Superior Ambulance Company, which provides EMS service for several area communities as well as private ambulance service. They also serve as MABAS Division 20 and staff dispatch centers in other communities. Not to be confused with Norcom, a shared infrastructure police network in the north suburbs.

NORCOMM dispatches for the following agencies:  Bellwood, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, River Grove, Rosemont and Stone Park (both fire/EMS and police) as well as Elk Grove Township, Leyden and Northlake Fire Protection Districts.

470.4125(192.8) Net 17a - former Police Dispatch for Bellwood (300s), now on STARCOM21 encrypted talkgroup 25311 (Net 17).

470.825(192.8) Net 17b - former(?) tactical comms for Net 17a agencies.
**All former Net 17 PDs also have access to the old Net 17 side (155.640).

471.2375(146.2) Net 16 - Police Dispatch for Franklin Park (8000s), Melrose Park (1100s), River Grove (600s) and Stone Park (1200s).
**All towns in this group have a shared channel, "old band"-155.49. Used for C-C by area departments.

MABAS Division 20:

Bellwood Fire Department - 600s (BLWD) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370
Bensenville Fire Protection District - Stations 107 & 108 (BENV) - Dispatched by Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center
Berkeley Fire Department - 300s - Dispatched by Cook County on 154.370
Broadview Fire Department - Station 7 (BRDV) - Dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications "Ike 911" on 154.370
Elmwood Park Fire Department - 900s - Dispatched by Norcomm on 159.120
Franklin Park Fire Department - Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Ladder 2 or Truck 2 (FRPK) - Dispatched by Norcomm
Hillside Fire Department - 400s (HLSD) - Self-dispatched on 154.370
Leyden Fire Protection District - 130s (LEYD) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370
Maywood Fire Department - 500s (MAYD) - Dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications "Ike 911" on 154.370
Melrose Park Fire Department - 700s (MLPK) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370
Northlake Fire Protection District - 800s (NTLK) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370
Norwood Park Fire Protection District - 100s (NOPK) - Dispatched by Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD) on 154.370 (covers Norridge and Harwood Heights)
Park Ridge Fire Department (PKRG) - Dispatched by RED Center
River Grove Fire Department - 560s (RVGR) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.370
Rosemont Fire Department - 150s (RSMT) - Dispatched by Norcomm on STARCOM21 talkgroup 35130 w/patch to 154.340 legacy channel
Schiller Park Fire Department - Station 5 (SHPK) - Dispatched by Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD) on 154.370
Westchester Fire Department - Stations 25 &26 (WEST) - Dispatched by Hillside on 154.370

153.500R - Divison 20 backup repeater if the portables can not raise Norcomm on simplex. Other channels in the line up consist of 153.830 Fireground Red, Superior Direct 155.220(?), 154.265 IFERN for Box Alarms, Fireground White, Blue and Black.


Bellwood OEM 630 is used as the MABAS Division 20 command van.  This is a large RV that that has been redone with radios in the rear and a command area in the front.  Bellwood also has unit 627 which is used as the MABAS Division 20 rehab vehicle.

154.370 Call Outs Everyday Tuesday @ 1800 for pager and alerting receivers.

Stone Park Fire Department - Station 21 (STPK) was disbanded in April, 2020 and is now covered by Melrose Park FD.

Superior Ambulance Website

STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois
Project 25 Phase II
Some police agencies are dispatched on the Cook County node (500 series sites) talkgroups, which utilize full-time encryption.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.87774 Longitude: -87.76428 Range: 12 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
471.2375WQGE293 RM 146.2 PL NCmmPD Net16 Police: Dispatch - Franklin Park, Melrose Park, River Grove, Stone Park FMN Law Dispatch
470.4125WPXF508 RM 192.8 PL NCmmPD Net17a Police: Former Dispatch - Bellwood, Broadview, Maywood FMN Law Dispatch
470.825WPUX844 RM 192.8 PL NCmmPDtac17b Police: Net 17B FMN Law Tac
155.640KSA717 BM CSQ NCmm N17Side Police: Net 17 Side FMN Law Tac
155.490KEX221 BM CSQ NCmm Old Band Police: Old Band - PD Tactical FMN Law Tac
154.370WQMP765 BM 103.5 PL NCmmFD Div20 Fire: Dispatch - MABAS Division 20 FMN Fire Dispatch
153.500WPEK951 RM 103.5 PL NCmm D-Wide Fire/EMS: Alternate "Divisionwide" [Ch -2] FMN Fire-Tac