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Subcategory: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (KFFO)

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Primary active flying unit stationed at WPAFB is the 445th Airlift Wing of the U.S. Air Force Reserves (AFRC) they fly the C-17A "Globemaster III" aircraft.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.82300 Longitude: -84.04100 Range: 10 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
118.850 BM CSQ DAY APP Dayton Approach AM Aircraft
121.800 BM CSQ KFFO GRND Ground VHF AM Aircraft
123.225 BM CSQ 88TH ABW SU 88TH Air Base Wing - Special Use AM Aircraft
124.475 B CSQ KFFO ATIS ATIS VHF AM Aircraft
126.200 BM CSQ KFFO PTD Pilot to Dispatcher VHF AM Aircraft
126.900 BM CSQ KFFO TOWER Tower VHF AM Aircraft
253.500 BM KFFO TWR BU Tower (Backup) AM Aircraft
269.275 BM CMH A/D Columbus Approach/Departure AM Aircraft
269.900 B KFFO ATIS ATIS UHF AM Aircraft
281.450 BM KFFO TOWER Tower UHF AM Aircraft
289.400 BM 88th ABW SU 88TH Air Base Wing - Special Use AM Aircraft
335.800 BM KFFO GRND Ground UHF AM Aircraft
348.400 BM KFFO WX Metro (Weather) AM Aircraft
349.400 BM BUCKEYE CNTL 445th AW Command Post "BUCKEYE CONTROL" AM Military
372.200 BM KFFO PTD Pilot to Dispatcher UHF AM Aircraft