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Subcategory: Enterprise Center (St. Louis Blues)

Unique DB ID: 27598

Keil Center Partners (formerly known as Scottrade Center, Savvis Center, Kiel Auditorium, also used for concerts and other events.) 

Fall 2022, the repeaters have now been licensed for DMR Trunked, a Capacity Plus system should be expected soon.
461.575, 463.7, 463.25, 462.0375, 464.6875 (no activity noted 4/24)

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 38.62686 Longitude: -90.20260 Range: 0.2 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
463.700WQWU267 RM 143 DPL EC Admin A Supervisors - Guest Services / Security / Atrium / Parking Garage FMN Business
463.250WQWU267 RM 116 DPL EC Admin B Supervisors FMN Business
469.7375WQWU267 M 466 DPL EC Ops F Operations FMN Business
469.3625WQWU267 M 223 DPL EC Ops G Operations FMN Business
469.0875WQWU267 M EC Ops H Operations (in use) FMN Business
467.1125WQWU267 M 654 DPL EC Ops 5 Operations FMN Business
461.575WQWU267 RM 654 DPL EC Ops 1 (OLD) Cleaning Ops / First Aid FMN Business
463.250WQWU267 RM 654 DPL EC Concess (OLD) Concessions / Vendors FMN Business
463.700WQWU267 RM 654 DPL EC GuestSvc (OLD) Guest Services / Security (Seating, rooms) FMN Business
462.0375WQWU267 RM 654 DPL EC Food 3 (OLD) Food? (Blues Crews promotions?) FMN Business
468.3375WQWU267 M 654 DPL EC Ops 7 (OLD) Operations FMN Business
469.0875WQWU267 M 654 DPL EC Ops 9 (OLD) Guest Services? (runners, tables, kegs, ticketing) (possible R on 464.0875) FMN Business
469.3625WQWU267 M 654 DPL EC Suprvisr (OLD) Supervisors FMN Business
469.7375WQWU267 M 654 DPL EC BldgOps (OLD) Building Ops (trash collection, etc) (possible R on 464.7375) FMN Business
453.040 RM 654 DPL EC Ops 13 (OLD) Operations FMN Business
461.525 RM 654 DPL EC Ops 14 (OLD) Operations FMN Business
453.050 RM 654 DPL EC Ops 15 (OLD) Operations FMN Business
461.475 M 654 DPL EC Ops 16 (OLD) Operations [No License] FMN Business
462.7875WPGA402 M EC Nationwide (OLD) Nationwide Itinerant Ops [Expired] FMN Business
464.550 M 71.9 PL EC Ops 17 Operations (area) FMN Business
467.925 M 82.5 PL EC Fox Audio FOX Network - Audio ? FMN Media
470.100 M CSQ EC VideoProd Video Production (constant carrier) FMN Media
462.7875WPGA402 RM 654 DPL EC Docks 2 (OLD) unloading docks, stage crews? [Expired] FMN Business