Indiana Military Operations / 122nd Air National Guard Fighter Wing - Fort Wayne

Subcategory: VHF Presets

Unique DB ID: 27095

The 122nd FW has transtioned to A-10C aircraft.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.64417 Longitude: -86.14356 Range: 165 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
138.40000 122d FW 1 V 122d FW operations ("Snakepit ops") AM Aircraft
121.90000 122d FW 2 V FWA ground control AM Aircraft
119.10000 122d FW 3 V FWA tower AM Aircraft
132.15000 122d FW 4 V FWA app/dep AM Aircraft
127.20000 122d FW 5 V FWA app/dep AM Aircraft
119.85000 122d FW 6 V Chicago Center, Ft. Wayne, low alt. AM Aircraft
124.52500 122d FW 7 V Indianapolis Center AM Aircraft
119.30000 122d FW 8 V Indianapolis approach AM Aircraft
121.25000 122d FW 10 V FWA ATIS AM Aircraft
122.45000 122d FW 11 V FSS AM Aircraft
125.37500 122d FW 12 V Chicago Center AM Aircraft
121.05000 122d FW 14 V Grissom ARB approach AM Aircraft
121.80000 122d FW 15 V Grissom approach into 12 mile MOA AM Aircraft
139.75000 122d FW 16 V Jefferson Proving Ground primary AM Aircraft
138.05000 122d FW 17 V "Inflight Victor" AM Aircraft
138.30000 122d FW 18 F Air-Air Tactical AM Aircraft
138.20000 122d FW 19 V Air-Air tactical AM Aircraft
121.50000 122d FW 20 V Guard AM Aircraft