Cook County / Transit Authorities

Subcategory: Buses

Unique DB ID: 26906

The interstitial freqs like the 453.8375 freq are newer licenses. They appear to service local facilities at discrete locations with smaller coverage areas / lower power transmitters. I'd also suggest 472.9375, where you'll find the Chicago Police mass transit unit - primarily the marked units which follow major bus routes. This is also used to contact certain suburban PD's with CTA facilities, such as Oak Park. There's some other security contractors out there, too. Might try 464.800 (100.0) and GMRS repeaters. Buses transmit GPS info on the mobile side of the 453 Mhz (458 Mhz) repeaters.

Regional Transportation Authority
*WQRV822 - 20-5wt portables on 456.3125, 456.7125, 457.1125, 457.7625, 467.4875 - for Office Building Communications

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.85900 Longitude: -87.80700 Range: 14.77 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
453.225KLU214 RM CTA Bus C/W Citywide Calling/Emergency FMN Transportation
453.375KLU216 RM CTA Bus S-G South Bus Garages FMN Transportation
453.425KLY753 RM CTA Bus SW-G Southwest Bus Garages FMN Transportation
453.475KLY754 RM CSQ CTA Bus W-G West Bus Garages (Carrier/Noise/DTMF) FMN Transportation
453.525KLY755 RM CTA Bus NW-G Northwest Bus Garages FMN Transportation
453.575KLY756 RM 127.3 PL CTA Bus N-G North Bus Garages (RTA-Oak Lawn?) FMN Transportation
453.8375 RM CTA Bus LP Low Power FMN Transportation
453.275KLU215 RM CSQ CTA Bus PG1 Voice Paging/Data (or 151.4) FMN Transportation
453.325KLS562 RM CSQ CTA Bus PG2 Voice Paging FMN Transportation
44.540WQDW399 BM CTA Bus 4454 Bus Ops FMN Transportation
153.740WPCD575 M CTA Signpost Signposts (Data transmitters) Telm Data
471.6625WPRR940 RM CTA PubSfty (Public Safety teams that follow buses) FMN Transportation
471.6625WPRR940 M 127.3 PL CTA Bus RTS Rapid Transit Shops (Simplex) FMN Transportation