Airports / St Louis Regional Airport Authority (Bethalto) [ALN]

Subcategory: Airport Operations

Unique DB ID: 23752

Airport Information:  Formerly named "Civic Memorial Airport"

The airport also serves as a "reliever airport" for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, located 30 air miles away. One of the airport's two runways is equipped to handle any passenger airline, regardless of weather. The airport sees about 70,000 take-offs and landings a year for aircraft repair, maintenance and storage.
Premier Air, along with fellow tenants -- aircraft interior repair and installer Completion Air and flight trainer Langa Air Inc. --have combined to create 500 jobs at the Bethalto airport. **9/1/09 - Langa air has closed.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 38.88783 Longitude: -90.04326 Range: 1.25 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
126.000 B CSQ ALN Tower Regional Tower (0700-2200) / CTAF AM Aircraft
239.000 B CSQ ALN*Tower Regional Tower (0700-2200) AM Aircraft
120.200 B CSQ ALN Ground Regional Ground (0700-2200) / Clearance Delivery AM Aircraft
124.200 B CSQ STL Appr/Dep Saint Louis Approach/Departure AM Aircraft
128.000 B CSQ ALN ATIS ATIS / WX-AWOS-3 AM Aircraft
118.075 B CSQ ALN AWOS-SET WX ASOS at SET (18 nm W) AM Aircraft
127.850 B CSQ ALN AWOS-CPS WX ASOS at CPS (20 nm S) AM Aircraft
453.0625WQBP848 F ALN AWOS-U UHF Data Link to AWOS (CSQ) Telm Data
460.625WQFX733 B ALN Paging1 Paging (Digital) Telm Data
462.850WPKU603 B ALN Paging2 Paging [Expired 7/02] FM Data