Oklahoma County / Municipalities

Subcategory: Midwest City

Unique DB ID: 2338
Oklahoma Multi-Agency Communications System (OMACS)
Project 25 Phase II
Midwest City Police are on this system
Oklahoma Wireless Interoperability Network (OKWIN) (P25)
Project 25 Phase I
Midwest City Police and Fire dispatch can link to this system.
Midwest City EMS dispatch is on this system and is repeated on the conventional repeater below.
Midwest City
Midwest City Public Works uses this system

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 35.45000 Longitude: -97.37000 Range: 5 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
855.23750WPBV470 RM 205 DPL Midwest City PD Police Dispatch FM Law Dispatch
854.11250WPHX767 RM 205 DPL Midwest City PD2 Police Dispatch 2 FM Law Dispatch
855.73750WQKL252 RM 244 DPL Midwest City FD Fire Dispatch FM Fire Dispatch
854.46250WQKL252 RM 244 DPL Midwest City FD2 Fire 2 Tactical FM Fire-Tac
154.20500WQD403 RM 123.0 PL Midwest City FD Fire Tone Out and storm siren activation FMN Fire Dispatch
855.48750WPBV470 RM 143 DPL Midwest City EMS EMS Dispatch FM EMS Dispatch