Bureau County / Bureau County

Subcategory: Emergency Management

Unique DB ID: 21968

Also see Amateur Radio 

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.34383 Longitude: -89.50836 Range: 24 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.83500KZZ967 BM 192.8 PL Bureau EMA EMA: Operations FMN Emergency Ops
152.28500WQBB433 M 88.5 PL I-WARN 1 Weather/SAR Ops (statewide) FMN Emergency Ops
155.20500WQCI585 M 210.7 PL SARMA 1 Search and Rescue Mutual Aid (Statewide) FMN Emergency Ops
157.54500WQBB433 BM 136.5 PL SARMA Tac Search and Rescue Mutual Aid -- Tac (Statewide) FMN Emergency Ops