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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.245KAZ649 BM CSQ NS 160.245 Hagerstown District Ch. 2 Dispatcher FMN Railroad
160.440 BM CSQ NS 160.440 Roanoke, Winston-Salem Districts, CW Branch to Harrisonburg FMN Railroad
160.470 BM NS Pulaski Dist Pulaski District (Walton, VA to Bristol, VA/TN) FMN Railroad
160.515 BM CSQ NS Danv 2 Disp Danville District Ch. 2 Dispatch FMN Railroad
160.545 BM 103.5 PL NS Mnt Norton Maintenance (Norton area) FMN Railroad
160.905 BM CSQ NS Danv 1 Road Danville District Ch. 1 Road FMN Railroad
160.950KAZ649 BM CSQ NS 160.95 Hagerstown District Ch. 1 Road FMN Railroad
161.025 BM CSQ NS 161.025 Altavista, Blue Ridge, Durham Districts FMN Railroad
161.190 BM CSQ NS 161.190 Shenandoah Yard; Norfolk, Christiansburg, Whitethrone, Richmond Districts FMN Railroad
161.250 BM CSQ NS 161.250 Roanoke Terminal, Hopewell Switching, Norfolk Terminal FMN Railroad
161.430 BM NS Roanoke Yard Roanoke Yard ("Hump Yard") FMN Railroad
161.490 BM CSQ NS Clinch Valley Clinch Valley Division FMN Railroad
161.565 NrflkSnConst C&S / Maintenance of Way (a.k.a. Construction 1) FMN Railroad