Monroe County / Monroe County

Subcategory: Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 15392

All Monroe County law enforcement agencies are dispatched from the Rochester 911 Center on a countywide system operated by Monroe County Public Safety Communications. All agencies other than the Rochester PD and the Towns North and West groups operate primarily on the Sheriff's channels.

Monroe/Ontario Counties
Project 25 Phase II
Law Enforcement operate on this system

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 43.19000 Longitude: -77.68000 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
460.47500KUJ763 RM 7F3 NAC MCSO Dispatch Sheriff Dispatch P25 Law Dispatch
460.40000KUJ763 RM 83B NAC MCSO Admin East Sheriff East Administration P25 Law Talk
460.17500KUJ763 RM 6CA NAC MCSO Admin West Sheriff West Administration P25 Law Talk
460.27500WNDF944 RM 8D1 NAC MCSO Airport Sheriff Airport Detail P25 Law Dispatch
460.28750WQMH414 M FAA NAC MCSO Airport C-C Sheriff Airport Car to Car P25 Law Talk
460.35000KUJ763 RM 2CF NAC Towns West Towns West (Gates, Greece) P25 Law Dispatch
460.07500KUJ763 RM 4CE NAC Towns North Towns North (Brighton, Irondequiot, Webster) P25 Law Dispatch
460.02500KUJ763 RM 9C7 NAC RPD East Disptch Rochester PD East Dispatch P25 Law Dispatch
460.12500KUJ763 RM 5B6 NAC RPD West Disptch Rochester PD West Dispatch P25 Law Dispatch
460.50000KUJ763 RM 61F NAC RPD Tac Rochester PD Tac P25 Law Tac
460.45000KUJ763 RM 8F3 NAC RPD Admin East Rochester PD East Administration P25 Law Talk
460.20000KUJ763 RM 4F9 NAC RPD Admin West Rochester PD West Administration P25 Law Talk
460.22500KUJ763 RM 5EA NAC RPD Records Rochester PD City Records P25 Law Talk
460.28750WQMH414 M 293 NAC MCSO Detail 1 Sheriff Ch 11 Detail 1 P25 Law Tac
460.31250 M 293 NAC MCSO Detail 2 Sheriff Ch 12 Detail 2 P25 Law Tac
456.03750 M BAD NAC MCSO On-Scene Sheriff Ch 13 On-Scene P25 Law Tac
460.32500KUJ763 RM 29E NAC TAC County TAC County P25 Law Tac
460.37500KUJ763 RM 31D NAC TAC East TAC East P25 Law Tac
460.25000KUJ756 RM 2B5 NAC TAC West TAC West P25 Law Tac
460.46250WQMH414 M ACE NAC Towns North C-C Towns North Ch 2 Car to Car P25 Law Talk
460.05000WNAL770 RM 920 NAC MC Brighton CF County Correctional Facility - Brighton P25 Corrections
460.10000WNAL770 RM 746 NAC MC Jail County Jail - Downtown P25 Corrections
460.15000WNAL770 RM 125 DPL MC HoJ Security Sheriff - Hall of Justice Security FMN Law Tac
774.95625WQSW336 BM 293 NAC MC Law Direct Law Direct P25 Law Tac