Alachua County / Alachua County

Subcategory: Gainesville

Unique DB ID: 13825

460 MHz police frequencies are a back-up to the 800 MHz system.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 29.69075 Longitude: -82.33013 Range: 6.8 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
460.025KQP491 RM Gnsv PD West 1 Police Patrol West 1 FM Law Talk
460.125KQP491 RM Gnsv PD East 2 Police Patrol East 2 FM Law Talk
460.275KQP491 RM Gnsv PD U2U 3 Police Unit-to-Unit 3 FM Law Tac
460.375KQP491 RM Gnsv PD East 4 Police Patrol East 4 FM Law Talk
460.500KQP491 RM Gnsv PD Info 5 Police Information 5 FM Law Talk
460.100WPDG208 RM Gnsv PD Ops 6 Police Operations 6 FM Law Talk
460.425WPDG208 RM Gnsv PD Admin7 Police Administration 7 FM Law Talk
173.20375KNDH862 F Gnsv RegUtilData Regional Utilities Data Telm Data
151.010KCQ279 BM Gnsv Services A Services FM Public Works
155.040KCQ279 RM Gnsv Services B Services FM Public Works
155.805KCQ279 RM Gnsv Services C Services FM Public Works
156.150KCQ279 BM Gnsv Services D Services FM Public Works
451.600WPDA944 F Gnsv Services E Services FM Public Works