Nevada Division of Forestry / Misc Fire Frequencies

Subcategory: Fire frequencies - Unid

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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
122.5625 M CSQ NDF A/A 1 Air to Air AM Fire-Tac
122.575 M CSQ NDF A/A S Air to Air - Sikorsky AM Fire-Tac
122.850 M CSQ NDF A/A L Air to Air - Lockheed Martin AM Fire-Tac
123.575 M CSQ NDF A/A G Air to Air - Gulfstream AM Fire-Tac
129.475 M CSQ NDF A/A A Air to Air - Aeronautical Radio AM Fire-Tac
155.8125 M NDF Firegnd Fire Ground FM Fire-Tac
163.100 M NDF A/A 2 Air to Air AM Fire-Tac
166.690 BM NDF G/A Ground to Air FM Fire-Tac
171.135 BM NDF Air Cap Air Cap FM Fire-Tac