National Interagency Fire Center / National Incident Radio Support Cache

Subcategory: Aircraft

Unique DB ID: 13027

The links shown are used to link both AM and FM simplex remote bases to incident heliports and incident command posts. The tone varies depending on what is assigned to the incident.

The jumper and heli-rappel frequency use is a nationwide, exclusive frequency assignment. The jumper tac is a federal common or itinerant frequency, but tone guarded for their use.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.48900 Longitude: -117.98700 Range: 2700 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
122.925 M CSQ NIFC Air 122.925 Multicom/Natural Resources AM Aircraft
122.900 M CSQ NIFC Air 122.9 Multicom AM Aircraft
122.850 M CSQ NIFC Air 122.85 Multicom AM Aircraft
122.750 M CSQ NIFC Air 122.75 Fixed Wing Air/Air AM Aircraft
123.025 M CSQ NIFC Air 123.025 Helicopter Air/Air AM Aircraft
122.675 BM CSQ Nat'l Air Tanker National Air Tanker Base Communications AM Aircraft
168.350 M 123.0 PL Smkjmpr Tac National Smokejumper Initial Attack Tactical FMN Fire-Tac
168.550 M 110.9 PL HeliRap A/G National Heli-Rappel Air to Ground FMN Fire-Tac
168.550 M 123.0 PL Smkjmpr A/G National Smokejumper Air to Ground FMN Fire-Tac
411.250 F A/C Link 8 Aircraft Link Simplex 8 FMN Fire-Tac
411.500 F A/C Link 1 Aircraft Link Simplex 1 FMN Fire-Tac
411.800 F A/C Link 2 Aircraft Link Simplex 2 FMN Fire-Tac
411.925 F A/C Link 5 Aircraft Link Simplex 5 FMN Fire-Tac
412.150 F A/C Link 6 Aircraft Link Simplex 6 FMN Fire-Tac
412.200 F A/C Link 7 Aircraft Link Simplex 7 FMN Fire-Tac
412.600 F A/C Link 3 Aircraft Link Simplex 3 FMN Fire-Tac
417.750 F A/C Link 4 Aircraft Link Simplex 4 FMN Fire-Tac