Hershey Entertainment and Resorts

System Name: Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
Location: Hershey, PA
County: Dauphin
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: June 3, 2018, 00:07 am UTC   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Hotel Hershey (Site 1) 01 461.987502 463.462503 463.587504 464.937505 463.362506 454.35007 463.512508 462.1625
002 (2) Hershey Lodge (Site 2) 01 464.387502 463.662503 463.287504 461.987505 463.462506 454.20007 463.512508 462.1625


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
39TCorp. Com.Corp. ComBusiness
126THP CampingHersheypark Camping Resort - Security / Ops / Maint. / Hskpg.Business
127TGardens 1Hershey Gardens 1Business
128TGardens 2Hershey Gardens 2Business
129TNursery MainNursery MainBusiness
137TNursery PrivateNursery PrivateBusiness
138TLaundryHershey LaundryBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21TPark SecurityHersheypark - SecuritySecurity
22TPark EMSHersheypark - EMSEMS-Talk
23TPark TrafficHersheypark - TrafficBusiness
24TPark Ride OpsHersheypark - Ride OperationsBusiness
25TPark Water OpsHersheypark - Water OperationsBusiness
26TPark RetailHersheypark - Retail OperationsBusiness
27TPark Finance/ITHersheypark - Finance / IT ServicesBusiness
28TPark GamesHersheypark - Game OperationsBusiness
29TPark Zoo OpsHersheypark - Zoo OperationsBusiness
30TPark EntertainmeHersheypark - EntertainmentBusiness
31TPark F&BHersheypark - Food & BeverageBusiness
32TPark Guest Srvs.Hersheypark - Guest ServicesBusiness
33TPark Maint. 1Hersheypark - Maintenance 1Business
35TPark Maint. 2Hersheypark - Maintenance 2Business
36TPark Bldg. MaintHersheypark - Building MaintenanceBusiness
37TPark Ride Maint.Hersheypark - Ride MaintenanceBusiness
38TPark UtilityHersheypark - UtilityBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
40TGC SecurityGiant Center - SecuritySecurity
41TGC Maint.Giant Center - MaintenanceBusiness
42TGC BoH OpsGiant Center - Back of House OperationsBusiness
43TGC FoH OpsGiant Center - Front of House OperationsBusiness
44TGC MarketingGiant Center - MarketingBusiness
45TGC UtilityGiant Center - UtilityBusiness
46TGC UshersGiant Center - UshersBusiness
47TGC Food & BeveraGiant Center - Food & BeverageBusiness
48TGC RetailGiant Center - Retail ServicesBusiness
49TGC Finance/ITGiant Center - Finance & IT ServicesBusiness
50TGC Hockey OpsGiant Center - Hockey OperationsBusiness
51TGC BearsGiant Center - Hershey Bears OperationsBusiness
52TGC 1Giant Center - 1Business
53TGC 2Giant Center - 2Business
54TGC 3Giant Center - 3Business
Hersheypark Stadium
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55TStadium SecurityHersheypark Stadium - SecuritySecurity
56TStadium Maint.Hersheypark Stadium - MaintenanceBusiness
57TStadium BoH OpsHersheypark Stadium - Back of House OperationsBusiness
58TStadium FoH OpsHersheypark Stadium - Front of House OperationsBusiness
59TStadium UtilityHersheypark Stadium - UtilityBusiness
60TStadium UshersHersheypark Stadium - UshersBusiness
61TStadium F&BHersheypark Stadium - Food & Beverage ServicesBusiness
62TStadium RetailHersheypark Stadium - Retail ServicesBusiness
63TStadium FinanceHersheypark Stadium - Finance ServicesBusiness
64TStadium 1Hersheypark Stadium 1Business
65TStadium 2Hersheypark Stadium 2Business
66TStadium 3Hersheypark Stadium 3Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67TArena SecurityHersheypark Arena - SecuritySecurity
68TArena Maint.Hersheypark Arena - MaintenanceBusiness
69TArena BoH OpsHersheypark Arena - Back of House OperationsBusiness
70TArena FoH OpsHersheypark Arena - Front of House OperationsBusiness
71TArena UtilityHersheypark Arena - UtilityBusiness
72TArena UshersHersheypark Arena - UshersBusiness
73TArena F&BHersheypark Arena - Food & Beverage ServicesBusiness
74TArena RetailHersheypark Arena - Retail ServicesBusiness
75TArena FinanceHersheypark Arena - FinanceBusiness
76TArena 1Hersheypark Arena - 1Business
77TArena 2Hersheypark Arena - 2Business
78TArena 3Hersheypark Arena - 3Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79TTheater SecurityHershey Theater - SecuritySecurity
80TTheater Maint.Hershey Theater - MaintenanceBusiness
81TTheater BoH OpsHershey Theater - Back of House OperationsBusiness
82TTheater FoH OpsHershey Theater - Front of House OperationsBusiness
83TTheater UtilityHershey Theater - UtilityBusiness
84TTheater UshersHershey Theater - UshersBusiness
85TTheater F&BHershey Theater - Food & BeverageBusiness
86TTheater RetailHershey Theater - Retail ServicesBusiness
87TTheater 1Hershey Theater - 1Business
88TTheater 2Hershey Theater - 2Business
89TTheater 3Hershey Theater - 3Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90TCrisis 1Crisis 1Emergency Ops
91TCrisis 2Crisis 2Emergency Ops
92TCrisis 3Crisis 3Emergency Ops
93TAUX 04AUX 04Multi-Talk
94TAUX 05AUX 05Interop
95TAUX 06AUX 06Interop
96TAUX 07AUX 07Interop
97TAUX 08AUX 08Interop
98TAUX 09AUX 09Interop
99TAUX 10AUX 10Interop
100TAUX 11AUX 11Interop
101TAUX 12AUX 12Interop
102TAUX 13AUX 13Interop
103TAUX 14AUX 14Interop
104TAUX 15AUX 15Interop
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105THotel SecurityHotel Hershey - SecuritySecurity
106THotel EngHotel Hershey - Eng.Business
107THotel FoHHotel Hershey - Front of HouseBusiness
108THotel BanquetsHotel Hershey - BQT/AV/CIY/STWBusiness
109THotel CPMHotel Hershey - CPMBusiness
110THotel HskpgHotel Hershey - HousekeepingBusiness
111THotel RecHotel Hershey - RecBusiness
112THotel RmSrv/BevHotel Hershey - Room Service / Food & BeverageBusiness
113THotel Sec/Eng 2Hotel Hershey - Security / Eng. 2Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115TLodge SecurityHershey Lodge - SecuritySecurity
116TLodge ArngmtsHershey Lodge - Arrangements Business
117TLodge CateringHershey Lodge - CateringBusiness
118TLodge ConvServHershey Lodge - Convention ServicesBusiness
119TLodge EngHershey Lodge - Eng.Business
120TLodge F&BHershey Lodge - Food & BeverageBusiness
121TLodge GstServHershey Lodge - Guest ServicesBusiness
122TLodge HskpHershey Lodge - HousekeepingBusiness
123TLodge RecHershey Lodge - RecBusiness
124TLodge StewardHershey Lodge - StewardBusiness
Hershey Country Club
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
130THCC Golf OpsHershey Country Club - Golf OperationsBusiness
131THCC Course MaintHershey Country Club - Golf Course MaintenanceBusiness
132THCC Maint/HskpgHershey Country Club - Building Maintenance / HousekeepingBusiness
133THCC F&B / SetupHershey Country Club - Food & Beverage / SetupBusiness
134THCC SC Golf OpsHCC - Spring Creek Golf OpsBusiness
135THCC Event 1Hershey Country Club - Event 1Business
136THCC Event 2Hershey Country Club - Event 2Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
139TGC AlertGiant Center - AlertEmergency Ops
140TStadium AlertHersheypark Stadium - AlertEmergency Ops
141TArena AlertHersheypark Arena - AlertEmergency Ops
142TTheater AlertHershey Theater - AlertEmergency Ops
143THotel AlertHotel Hershey - AlertEmergency Ops
144TLodge AlertHershey Lodge - AlertEmergency Ops
145THCC AlertHershey Country Club - AlertEmergency Ops
146TAUX AlertAUX - AlertEmergency Ops
147TComplex AlertHER Complex - AlertEmergency Ops
148TPark AlertHersheypark - AlertEmergency Ops
149TPark Maint AlertHersheypark Maintenance - AlertEmergency Ops
255THER ALL-CALLHershey Entertainment & Resorts ALL-CALLEmergency Ops