System Name: General Motors (USA)
Location: Various, IN KS KY MI MO NY OH TN TX
County: 13 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 18b DEC: 395
Last Updated: November 17, 2022, 9:03 am CST   [Added Talkgroup to: Wentzville Assembly (9999 test9999)]
System Notes

This system includes sites in Canada:

This system uses Enhanced Privacy as well as extensive private calls.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Lordstown Assembly Trumbull, OH 01 451.225c02 452.250c03 452.387504 452.85005 464.25006 464.62507 451.300
   08 451.55009 451.90010 452.35011 452.77512 463.675  
012 (C) Fort Wayne Assembly Allen, IN 01 451.937502 451.17503 462.37504 462.52505 464.00006 452.4625c07 461.6875c
   08 462.27509 462.45010 463.425    
014 (E) Arlington Assembly Tarrant, TX 01 484.7875c02 484.8125c03 451.237504 451.337505 451.362506 452.1375c07 452.2875
   08 452.837509 452.312510 452.4125    
016 (10) Detroit-Hamtramck Wayne, MI 01 935.22502 935.25003 935.4625c04 935.97505 936.187506 936.45007 937.000
   08 937.8875      
017 (11) Spring Hill Manufacturing Maury, TN 01 451.550c02 451.950c03 451.700c04 452.2125c05 452.32506 452.62507 461.4875
   08 462.037509 462.52510 463.5125    
018 (12) Fairfax Assembly Wyandotte, KS 01 935.137502 936.2375c03 936.75004 937.237505 937.75006 938.237507 938.650
   08 938.95009 939.237510 939.750    
019 (13) Wentzville Assembly St. Charles, MO 00 935.137500 935.15000 935.1625c00 935.17500 937.187500 937.20000 937.2125
   00 937.737500 937.750c01 937.20004 937.675   
020 (14) Orion Assembly Oakland, MI 01 935.200c02 935.22503 935.25004 935.912505 935.962506 936.00007 936.3875
   08 936.412508 936.45009 936.90010 936.92511 936.95012 937.387513 937.400
   14 937.8875      
024 (18) Marion Metal Center Grant, IN 01 935.1375c02 935.7125c03 936.1375c04 936.725c05 937.750  
026 (1A) Bowling Green Assembly Plant Warren, KY 01 451.65002 452.3875c03 462.30004 462.52505 463.45006 464.6125 
029 (1D) Tonawanda Engine Erie, NY 01 935.15002 935.500c03 936.000c04 936.3875c05 936.75006 936.90007 936.9125
   08 936.92509 936.95010 936.962511 936.97512 937.15013 937.387514 937.750
   15 937.8875      
030 (1E) Bay City Powertrain Bay, MI 01 935.175c02 936.17503 937.17512 935.70014 936.75016 937.50017 937.925
   18 937.937519 937.95020 938.950    
034 (22) Saginaw Transmission Saginaw, MI 01 935.1375c02 935.20003 935.637504 936.137505 937.137506 937.15007 937.250
   08 937.412509 937.50010 938.1375    
035 (23) Pontiac Metal Center Oakland, MI 01 936.50002 937.90003 938.00004 938.462505 939.000  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1801TFairfax 1801Production OpsBusiness
1803TFairfax 1803Production OpsBusiness
1804TFairfax 1804Production OpsBusiness
1805TFairfax 1805Production OpsBusiness
1806TFairfax 1806Production OpsBusiness
1807TFairfax 1807Production OpsBusiness
1808TFairfax 1808Production OpsBusiness
1809TFairfax 1809Production OpsBusiness
1810TFairfax 1810Production OpsBusiness
1811TFairfax 1811Production OpsBusiness
1812TFairfax 1812Production OpsBusiness
1813TFairfax 1813Production OpsBusiness
1814TFairfax 1814Production OpsBusiness
1815TFairfax 1815Production OpsBusiness
1819TFairfax 1819Production OpsBusiness
1825TFairfax 1825Production OpsBusiness
1831TFairfax 1831Production OpsBusiness
Lordstown Assembly
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1005TLAP Assembly 5Assembly 5Business
1006TLAP Assembly 6Assembly 6Business
1012TLAP Assembly 12Assembly 12Business
1013TLAP Assembly 13Assembly 13Business
1015TLAP Assembly 15Assembly 15Business
1027TLAP Assembly 27Assembly 27Business
Spring Hill Manufacturing
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1701TSEC EMERGENCYSecurity EmergencySecurity
1702TSTAMP PRODStamping ProductionBusiness
1703TSTAMP MAINTStamping MaintenanceBusiness
1704TBODY 3Body 3Business
1705TBODY 5Body 3Business
1706TBODY MATLBody MailBusiness
1707TBODY 4Body 4Business
1708TPAINT PRODPaint ProductionBusiness
1709TPAINT MAINTPaint MaintenanceBusiness
1710TTRIM PRODUCTIONTrim ProductionBusiness
1711TCHASSIS PRODChassis ProductionBusiness
1712TGA MAINTGA MaintenanceBusiness
1713TGA MATERIALGA MaterialBusiness
1714TGA QUALITYGA QualityBusiness
1716TFAC MAINTFacilities MaintenanceBusiness
1717TPAINT BREAKDOWNPaint BreakdownBusiness
1718TINFO TECHInfotechBusiness
1719TFAC SPAREFacilities SpareBusiness
1720TUNK RES CH 5Ch. 5Business
1721TFAC RESOURCESFacilities ResourcesBusiness
1722TPAINT FASCIAPaint FasciaBusiness
1723TINDIRECT MATIndirect MaterialBusiness
1724TSO MAIN ASSMBSouth Main AssemblyBusiness
1725TSOUTH MACHINESouth MachineBusiness
1726TSOUTH GSCSouth GSCBusiness
1727TSOUTH MAIN MACHSouth Main MachineBusiness
1728TGAGE LABGage LabBusiness
1730TWEST ASSEMBLYWest AssemblyBusiness
1731TSOUTH ASSEMBLYSouth AssemblyBusiness
1732TEAST ASSEMBLYEast AssemblyBusiness
1733TNORTH MACHINENorth MachineBusiness
1734TNRTH MACH ASSMBNorth Machine AssemblyBusiness
1735TNRTH MAIN MACHNorth Main MachineBusiness
1736TNORTH GSCNorth GSCBusiness
1738TIMN MAINTIMN MaintenanceBusiness
1739TIMN PRESSIMN PressBusiness
1740TIMS HIGHBAYIMS HighbayBusiness
1741TIMS MAINTIMS MaintenanceBusiness
1742TIMS MATERIALIMS MaterialBusiness
1743TFAC HOUSEKEEPINGFacilities HousekeepingBusiness
1747TPAINT PROCESSPaint ProcessBusiness
1748TSTAMP MATLStamping MaterialBusiness
1749TIMN FASC SUBIMN Fascilities SubBusiness
1750TIMN MATERIALIMN MaterialBusiness
1751TIMS LOWBAYIMS LowbayBusiness
1756TGA FINAL REPGA Final RepBusiness
1761TBODY 1Body 1Business
1762TBODY 2Body 2Business
1763TBODY 6Body 6Business
1775TCH 14BCh. 14BBusiness
1776TCH 14ICh. 14IBusiness
Wentzville Assembly
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1904TWentzville 1904Production OpsBusiness
1907TWentzville 1907Production OpsBusiness
1908TWentzville 1908Production OpsBusiness
1909TWentzville 1909Production OpsBusiness
1910TWentzville 1919Production OpsBusiness
1911TWentzville 1911Production OpsBusiness
1912TWentzville 1912Production OpsBusiness
1913TWentzville 1913Production OpsBusiness
1914TWentzville 1914Production OpsBusiness
1918TWentzville 1918Production OpsBusiness
1920TWentzville 1920Production OpsBusiness
1942TWentzville 1942Production OpsBusiness
1957TWentzville 1957Production OpsBusiness
1958TWentzville 1958Production OpsBusiness
1960TWentzville 1960Production OpsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2003TPon-to-LOPontiac Stamping-to-Body Production at Lake OrionBusiness
2004TPlantOps2004Plant OpsBusiness
2005TPlantOps2005Plant OpsBusiness
2007TPlantOps2007Plant OpsBusiness
2012TPon-to-LOPontiac Stamping-to-Body Production at Lake OrionBusiness
2013TPlantOps2013Plant OpsBusiness
2031TPlantOps2031Plant OpsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1403TTeam LeadersTeam LeadersBusiness
1405TPaint ShopPaint ShopBusiness
1411TBody ShopBody ShopBusiness
1412TCleaning CrewCleaning CrewBusiness
1443TPlant SecurityPlant SecuritySecurity
Pontiac Metal Center
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3501TE. ResponseCH 1 Security Emergency Response TeamSecurity
3502TSecurity 2CH 2 Security Non EmergencySecurity
3504TStamping Ch4CH 4 Stamping ProductionBusiness
3505TStamping Ch5CH 5 Stamping Die RoomBusiness
3506TMaintenanceCH 6 Facility Maint. (JL and L)Business
3507TStampingDockCH 7 Stamping DocksBusiness
3508TStamping 8CH 8 Stamping Breakdown 1Business
3509TStamping 9CH 9 Stamping Breakdown 2Business
3510TStamping 10CH 10 Stamping MaintenanceBusiness
2014TMaint. OrionCH 12 Facility Maint. (Orion Twp)Business
3513TGM IT OpsCH 13 GM IT OpsBusiness
3514TWrkSch MaintCH 14 Alt. Work Schedule Maint.Business
3515TCH 15 Spare1CH 15 Spare # 1Business
3516TCH 16 Spare2CH 16 Spare # 2Business
Bay City Powertrain
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3009TPowertrain 3009Powertrain OpsBusiness
3036TPowertrain 3036Powertrain OpsBusiness
Bowling Green Assembly Plant
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2601TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2603TBowling Grn SecPlant SecuritySecurity
2607TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2608TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2609TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2610TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2611TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2612TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2613TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2614TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2615TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2616TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2617TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2618TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2619TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2620TBowling Grn UAWUnited Auto Workers (Bowling Green Plant)Business
2623TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2625TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2626TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2627TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2628TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2629TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2636TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2637TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
2677TBowling Grn OpsOperationsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2901TProdLine2901Production Line WorkersBusiness
2904TProdLine2904Production Line WorkersBusiness
2909TProdLine2909Production Line WorkersBusiness
2916TProdLine2916Production Line WorkersBusiness
2918TProdLine2918Production Line WorkersBusiness
2919TProdLine2919Production Line WorkersBusiness
2931TElectric2931Plant ElectriciansBusiness
2939TProdLine2939Production Line WorkersBusiness
2940TProdLine2940Production Line WorkersBusiness
2941TProdLine2941Production Line WorkersBusiness
2942TProdLine2942Production Line WorkersBusiness
2943TProdLine2943Production Line WorkersBusiness
2945TProdLine2945Production Line WorkersBusiness
2946TProdLine2946Production Line WorkersBusiness
2947TProdLine2947Production Line WorkersBusiness
2954TProdLine2954Production Line WorkersBusiness
2956TProdLine2956Production Line WorkersBusiness
2957TProdLine2957Production Line WorkersBusiness
2960TProdLine2960Production Line WorkersBusiness
2965TProdLine2965Production Line WorkersBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2401TMarion 2401Marion OperationsBusiness
2402TMarion 2402Marion OperationsBusiness
2403TMarion 2403Marion OperationsBusiness
2405TMarion 2405Marion OperationsBusiness
2408TMarion 2408Marion OperationsBusiness
2410TMarion 2410Marion OperationsBusiness
2411TMarion 2411Marion OperationsBusiness
2413TMarion 2413Marion OperationsBusiness
2431TMarion 2431Marion OperationsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1201TFt Wayne 1201Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1203TFt Wayne 1203Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1204TFt Wayne 1204Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1205TFt Wayne 1205Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1206TFt Wayne 1206Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1208TFt Wayne 1208Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1209TFt Wayne 1209Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1210TFt Wayne 1210Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1211TFt Wayne 1211Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1213TFt Wayne 1213Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness
1214TFt Wayne 1214Fort Wayne OperationsBusiness