Texas A and M University College Station

System Name: Texas A and M University College Station
Location: College Station, TX
County: Brazos
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 7C00 Connect Tone: 90.00
Last Updated: April 8, 2017, 8:19 pm CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Texas A&M PD and EMS have migrated to TxWARN P25 and no longer use this system for primary operations.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 854.0125854.3875856.2625856.9375c857.2625857.7375857.9625c858.2625


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22248b0AEMS MainEMS Main CareTeam link (patched to TxWARN P25 EMS Dispatch)EMS Dispatch
46561230ACSFD BackupCollege Station Fire BackupFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4048fd0ATAMECT 834Care Team (used during sporting events)EMS-Tac
4080ff0ATAMECT 835Care Team (used during sporting events)EMS-Tac
41121010ATAMECT 836Care Team (used during sporting events)EMS-Tac
41441030ATAMECT 837Care Team (used during sporting events)EMS-Tac
41761050ATAMECT 838Care Team (used during sporting events)EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71201bd0ABPD Backup 1Bryan Police Backup 1Law Tac
71521bf0ABPD Backup 2Bryan Police Backup 2Law Tac
71841c10ACSPD BackupCollege Station Police BackupLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3568df0A1A AthleticsCh. 1A AthleticsSchools
3584e00A1B ConcessnsCh. 1B Concession StandsSchools
3520dc0A1C Kyle ElevCh. 1C Kyle Field Elevators (Used during football games)Schools
3664e50A2A UshersCh. 2A Ushers (Also used during other sports events)Schools
3504db0A2B Game DayCh. 2B Game DaySchools
3536dd0A2C VideoCh. 2C Athletics Video (Used for taping football practice/jumbotron)Schools
Brayton Fire School
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
430410d0ABFS MedicsField ParamedicsSchools
433610f0ABFS StaffField StaffSchools
43681110ABFS Ops 1Operations 1Schools
44001130ABFS 4 AdminCh. 4 AdministrationSchools
44161140ABFS ParkingParkingSchools
44321150ABFS 1 MaintCh. 1 MaintenanceSchools
44641170ABFS 6 TrnspCh. 6 TransportationSchools
44961190ABFS AdminAdministrationSchools
452811b0ABFS 7 IndustCh. 7 IndustrialSchools
456011d0ABFS AnnounceAnnouncementSchools
459211f0ABFS TrainingTrainingSchools
46241210ABFS TrainingTrainingSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65441990AOperations 1Operations Ch. 1Schools
66721a10ADispatchDispatch (used during training)Schools
66881a20AFireFire (used during training)Schools
67041a30ALaw EnforcemLaw Enforcement (used during training)Schools
67201a40AEMS EMS (used during training)Schools
67361a50APublic WorksPublic Works (used during training)Schools
68641ad0AOperations 2Operations Ch. 2Schools
Physical Plant/Maintenance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030ARadio RoomCh. 1A Physical Plant Radio RoomSchools
80050ADisaster RecCh. 1B Disaster RecoverySchools
272110AAreaMaint 1ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 1Schools
304130AAreaMaint 1BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 1Schools
336150AAreaMaint 1CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 1Schools
368170AAreaMaint 2ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 2Schools
400190AAreaMaint 2BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 2Schools
4321b0AAreaMaint 2CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 2Schools
4641d0AAreaMaint 3ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 3Schools
4961f0AAreaMaint 3BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 3Schools
528210AAreaMaint 3CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 3Schools
560230AAreaMaint 4ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 4Schools
592250AAreaMaint 4BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 4Schools
624270AAreaMaint 4CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 4Schools
656290AAreaMaint 5ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 5Schools
6882b0AAreaMaint 5BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 5Schools
7202d0AAreaMaint 5CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 5Schools
7522f0AAreaMaint 6ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 6Schools
784310AAreaMaint 6BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 6Schools
816330AAreaMaint 6CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 6Schools
848350AAreaMaint 7ACh. 3A Area Maintenance 7Schools
864360AAlarmTechs ACh. 3A Alarm Techs ("ETC")Schools
880370AAreaMaint 7BCh. 3B Area Maintenance 7Schools
896380AAlarmTechs BCh. 3B Alarm Techs ("ETC")Schools
912390AAreaMaint 7CCh. 3C Area Maintenance 7Schools
9283a0AAlarmTechs CCh. 3C Alarm Techs ("ETC")Schools
1136470APP Cntrl ACh. 4A Power Plant Control RoomSchools
12324d0AUtilities 3ACh. 3A UtilitiesSchools
12644f0AUtilities 3BCh. 3B UtilitiesSchools
1296510AUtilities 3CCh. 3C UtilitiesSchools
1328530ARefuseRefuse (Sanitation)Schools
1648670ALandscapeCh. 2A LandscapeSchools
1680690ALandscape ECh. 2B Landscape-EastSchools
17126b0ALandscape ECh. 2C Landscape-EastSchools
17766f0ALandscape WCh. 2E Landscape-WestSchools
1872750ALandscape NCh. 2B Landscape-NorthSchools
1904770ALandscape NCh. 2C Landscape-NorthSchools
1936790ALandscapeCh. 2D LandscapeSchools
19687b0AEnergy Mgt ACh. 2A Energy Management OfficeSchools
20007d0ARL CustodialRL CustodialSchools
20327f0ACarpentryCarpentry ShopSchools
2096830AConstructionConstruction ShopSchools
2160870APP Cntrl BCh. 4B Power Plant Control RoomSchools
2576a10ATV Net 3ACh. 3A TV NetSchools
2608a30ATV Net 3BCh. 3B TV NetSchools
2640a50AF-O NetworkCh. 3C Fiber-Optic NetworkSchools
2928b70APest ControlPest ControlSchools
2960b90ATelecom 3ACh. 3A TelecomSchools
2992bb0ATelecom 3BCh. 3B TelecomSchools
3056bf0ATelecom 3CCh. 3C TelecomSchools
3440d70AHousingMnt ACh. A Housing MaintenanceSchools
3472d90ADorm MaintDorm MaintenanceSchools
3600e10AEnergy Mgt BCh. 2B Energy Management OfficeSchools
3696e70ACIS 2CCh. 2C CIS (Computer Services)Schools
3728e90ACIS 2ACh. 2A CIS (Computer Services)Schools
3888f30ACIS 2BCh. 2B CIS (Computer Services)Schools
3984f90AKey ShopKey ShopSchools
4016fb0AHousingMnt CCh. C Housing MaintenanceSchools
42081070AHousingMnt BCh. B Housing MaintenanceSchools
46881250APP Custodl ACh. 2A CustodialSchools
59361730APP ElevatorElevator ServiceSchools
72161c30APP Custodl BCh. 2B CustodialSchools
72801c70APP Custodl CCh. 2C CustodialSchools
73441cb0APP Custodl DCh. 2D Custodial SupervisorSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47521290AFleetLeasingFleet LeasingSchools
507213d0APSO StreetsCh. 3A Streets ChannelSchools
510413f0APSO Events 1Ch. 3B Special Events 1Schools
51361410APSO GarageCh. 3C Parking GaragesSchools
51681430APSO BarricadBarricades ChannelSchools
51841440APSO Events 2Ch. 3D Special Events 2Schools
52001450APSO Events 3PSO Special EventsSchools
52321470APSO CashiersPSO Special Events CashiersSchools
52641490APSO Events 4PSO Special EventsSchools
54881570AEast AP FBOCh. 2A Easterwood Airport FBOSchools
555215b0AEast AP MntCh. 2B Easterwood Airport MaintenanceSchools
558415d0ATerminalCh. 2C Terminal (also used by security)Schools
584016d0ABus 1Ch. 4C Bus 1Transportation
587216f0ABus 2Ch. 4D Bus 2Transportation
59041710ABus AdminCh. 4B Bus AdministrationTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112070AMeet Me 1Rarely used, was used during bonfireSchools
144090AMeet Me 2Rarely used, was used during bonfireSchools
1760b0AMeet Me 3Rarely used, was used during bonfireSchools
9763d0AFood Svc ACh. A FoodserviceSchools
10083f0AFood Svc BCh. B FoodserviceSchools
2736ab0ASRC Ch 2ACh. 2A "REC" Student Recreation CenterSchools
2768ad0ASRC Ch 2BCh. 2B "REC" Student Recreation CenterSchools
3248cb0AEvansLibraryEvans LibrarySchools
3632e30ATAMU GolfGolf CourseSchools
64161910ABrazos TransBrazos Transit DistrictSchools
77281e30AMSC OpsMemorial Student Center (MSC) OpsSchools