Southern Nevada Area Communications Council (SNACC)

Talkgroup Categories Report
Category Name County Lat Lon Range
Clark County FireClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Clark County / Las Vegas EMSClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Clark County Animal ControlClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Clark County School District PoliceClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Clark County Department of AviationClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Southern Nevada Water SystemClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Clark County Parks DepartmentClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Las Vegas City MarshalsClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Las Vegas FireClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Las Vegas Detention CenterClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Las Vegas Valley Water DistrictClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Las Vegas Paiute Tribal PoliceClark 36.19512-114.9777285
North Las Vegas PoliceClark 36.19512-114.9777285
North Las Vegas FireClark 36.19512-114.9777285
North Las Vegas City ServicesClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Boulder City PoliceClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Boulder City FireClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Henderson PoliceClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Henderson FireClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Henderson City ServicesClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Regional Transportation CommissionClark 36.19512-114.9777285
College of Southern NevadaClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Misc and DataClark 36.19512-114.9777285
Nye CountyNye 36.19512-114.9777285
Southern Nevada Health Department (SNHD)Clark 36.19512-114.9777285
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)Clark 36.19512-114.9777285